OH. on “Light Without Heat” progressive music show with Stuffer White
by on June 21, 2016 in Radio

progressive musicHost Stuffer White premiered some OH. on his progressive music show, “Light Without Heat

“Light Without Heat” is a progressive Music Radio Show that features Progressive Rock, Jazz, Fusion, with some great independent artists. The show was created and is hosted by Stuffer White (also a bassist) live on Sunday afternoons 5pm to 8pm EST on Spreaker.com.

Light Without Heat Facebook group


Also premiered: The Bob Lazar Story
Music from:
Glass Hammer
Porcupine Tree
Simon Phillips
Points North
Gentle Giant and

Stuffer White’s wonderful intro at 59:00
at 98:40
at 98:44

Songs played, “Deception” from the “Synemotion” album, and “Banned by the Deep” from “Sleeping World

Thank you to everyone in the chat: Brett, Roger, Paul, Anita (awesome people)..and of course super host Stuffer White for great show, music and commentary.

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