17 Must-Listen Music Industry Podcasts for Musicians


This is a list of music industry podcasts that you can listen to or stream online for free. A few are no longer broadcasting but their past shows are worth listening to for helpful advice. If you have any suggestions of any new or old interesting music industry podcasts leave a comment below.

Music MarketingAbove The Noise
Interviews are with the people behind the music and the people behind the business of this industry



Music MarketingBobby Owsinski’s Inner Circle Podcast
Music Industry Analysis, Interviews, Tips, News, and Reviews



Music MarketingThe Awful Truth: Behind The Music Industry
Essential for any DIY musician.
Indie rockers, My Body Sings Electric, give an honest look at careers in the modern music industry.


Music MarketingBand-Aides: A Music Industry Podcast
Waxing Lyrical On The Business Of Bands.



Music MarketingMusic Biz 101
The (Un)Official Site of William Paterson University’s Music Business & Pop Studies Programs.



Podcast Music MarketingMad Music Marketing Minutes
Do you want to know more about how to have a successful music career? Are you interested in music marketing and sales? Sniffing out super social media strategies? Me too, let’s learn together as I (Billy Grisack, The Music Marketing Mind) talks about this stuff with an awesome guest each week!

Podcast Music MarketingMusic Marketing Monday
Monday morning zoo radio style music marketing show full of pure audio caffeine, fun, laughs and “highly useful” information by two of America’s most active buzz worthy music marketing minds, Bob Baker and Billy Grisack.

Podcast Music MarketingMusicBizCast with Kelly Castor
Musicbizcast is a weekly podcast helping artists get better at the business of music. Through stories from some of the of the most inspiring names in the industry, we’re collecting the tips, tricks, and lessons that can mean the difference between eeking out a living in music, and truly thriving in the MusicBiz! Hosted by Kelly Castor.



Podcast Music MarketingMusic Marketing Music Biz Weekly Podcast
The Music Biz Weekly, a weekly podcast co-hosted by Michael Brandvold and Brian Thompson. Each week Michael and Brian will discuss the latest events in the music business and music marketing and DIY techniques.

Podcast Music MarketingMusic Marketing [dot] com Podcast
Welcome to the Music Marketing dot com Podcast – How to Sell More Music, Get More People to Your Shows, and Make More Money in the Music Business. Hosting the podcast is music marketer and author of the book “Six-Figure Musician”, David Hooper. Joining David is his co-host, Wendy Wallace.

Podcast Music MarketingWar Stories from the Music Front
War Stories from the Music Front with Michael Brandvold and Loren Weisman is a video music business and marketing series that goes to war with the worst case scenarios and front line disasters in a humorous and informative way to help artists, managers and labels from making the same mistakes down the road.

The Business Side of Music PodcastThe Business Side of Music Podcast
With Tom Sabella and Traci Snowe. A podcast series geared towards empowering all musicians to understand the music business from the ground up.


Music Business RadioMusic Business Radio
Talk radio show featuring top music industry executives, artists, managers, booking agents, and producers who talk about the music business and review music from upcoming and independent artists.


The Music Life PodcastThe Music Life Podcast
The Music Life is an exploration of what it means to be a contemporary maker of music during what could be considered ‘the wild west’ era of the music industry.



Music Business PodcastMusic Business Podcast
Co-hosts Kyle Bylin and Cortney Harding are rebanding their Hypebot sponsored Upward Spiral podcast to Music Business Podcast.


Music Business Facts- with Rodney HolderMusic Business Facts- with Rodney Holder
Successful music industry experts share their secrets, insights and strategies on how to establish a career and monetize your passion within the music business. Whether you’re an aspiring performer, songwriter, manager, promoter, indie label, studio owner or music entrepreneur, every episode of music business facts will give you the industry truths on how best to succeed in the music industry.

Music BusinessThe SCOREcast Podcast Show
From Hollywood, film composers Deane Ogden and Brian Ralston discuss news and opinions on the state of the media music business and issues relevant to film, television and video game composers, orchestrators and musicians.


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