Best Music Video: “Deserted Eyes” – Cosmocinema Award [London Greek Film Festival]
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cosmocinema award- London Greek Film Festival

It won!
? 11th London Greek Film Festival
International Competition Cosmocinema Award

Thank you to Chris Prosylis and the jury @londongreekfilmfestival for being given the opportunity to be a part of this international event and alongside such talented filmmakers from around the world.

London Greek Film Festival 2018 [7-12 May] - Oh. Deserted Eyes

Deserted Eyes was selected to participate in the 11th Annual London Greek Film Festival 2018.

The London Greek Film Festival is a project that promotes Greek or Greek related feature fiction films, short films, documentaries, animation, experimental films, video art and other kinds of moving image and filmmaking; promotes and supports also, the Greek culture in general, emphasizing in modern authors, creators and artists and in ancient Greek culture.

Every year the London Greek Film Festival presents the Odysseus Awards in each of the competition categories. The prize’s name is a tribute to the Odyssey of the creators, film directors and screenwriters, their journey to the completion of their vision. The Odysseus Awards offered during the year to poets and other authors and artists, as well. Together with the London Greek Film Festival is the Cosmocinema Festival, that presents awards to the international section of film festival.

London Greek Film Festival 2018 [7-12 May] - Oh. Deserted Eyes

London Greek Film Festival 2018 [7-12 May] - Oh. Deserted Eyes

DESERTED EYES – A ethereal and epic journey into the depths of the heart.

Dynamic and rhapsodic vocals summon forth the soul. Penetrate deeply into the inner darkness. The narrator of the epic verse is a melodious and warm piano which is enveloped by softly beating drums which reluctantly release into turbulent and thunderous revelations while violin crescendos announce the sage-like proclamations for ecstatic surrender.

The song takes the listener beyond the vicissitudes of relationship and love – beyond the criteria of reciprocity and togetherness. It casts a light on the individual within the relationship rather then the relationship itself. Expressing how one’s state of mind — if left unchecked and allowed to settle too long in dark and despondent moods —eventually wears away at the soul of the other — casting an immutable spell unwittingly upon the one you love.

Like water wearing away at stone – so affected by your state of mind, the eyes of your beloved – are left void – the soul having abandoned not only their body but their own dreams and aspirations as well.

Is there a way to reverse the spell?

Watch and listen to this epic tale.

Production Notes

Production Note
“Deserted Eyes” was filmed at the seashore in Glyfada a southern suburb of Athens, Greece in the late summer of 2017. During the filming, a ttragic oil spill occurred precipitated by the negligence of the Greek government – an ecological disaster in the waters of the Saronikos. On the last day of filming the beach was covered in oil, dead birds covered in tar and the stench of petrol in the air.

The song “Deserted Eyes” is about how a person’s dark, depressed and toxic states of mind can poison our interpersonal relationships and eventually dim the light of the soul in the other’s eyes, stealing their aspirations, hopes and finally the connection to their own soul and sense of self. The oil spill starkly depicted — with the blackening of the earth, toxic fumes, depressed state all present experienced, the death of wildlife — the irreparable damage to the interpersonal relationships shared everyday by all the beach-goers and coastal community. During post-production, we could not ignore the correlation that tragic event had to the song and so incorporated the visuals into the final clips.

Oh. song, Oh. Musician, Oh. music, Oh. Progressive Rock, Oh. Progressive Metal, Oh. Olivia Hadjiioannou, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, Oh
Oh. song, Oh. Musician, Oh. music, Oh. Progressive Rock, Oh. Progressive Metal, Oh. Olivia Hadjiioannou, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, Oh

Live Footage of Oil Spill

OH. is a multi-instrumentalist (guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, drums, violin, piano and percussion) who composes, performs, produces, mixes and masters her own music from her studio in Athens, Greece.

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