Listen to “Metallia” on Prog Univers Radio
by on August 4, 2018 in Radio
Prog Univers

Prog-univers is a web radio station broadcasting from 2014. Its programming is mainly progressive rock, but also leaves plenty of room for Neo Prog and more conventional rock. Prog-univers supports unknown artists by integrating their works into their playlist during the week. The webradio broadcasts 24 hours a day without advertising, to facilitate discovery and share a passion – progressive rock. Prog-univers does not have a radio host, but a “program technician” passionate about music and is heard in over 146 countries.

Thank you Gérard Blangy for adding “Red Lion” and “Triumph” from the album “Metallia” to the Prog Univers Playlist

Prog Univers on Facebook:

They also have an app on the Google Play store

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