Metallia on Progzilla Radio show ‘Northern Star’ with Emma “Chrysoprasia” Roebuck
by on July 28, 2018 in Metallia Radio

Emma ‘Chrysoprasia’ Roebuck is host of Northern Star radio show every Thursday night on Progzilla Radio from 8.00 PM to 10.00 PM (GMT). She played “Androgyny” from “Metallia” on podcast #176 on July 26, 2018.

Progzilla radio is an internet radio stations dedicated to progressive music and is based in the UK.

Emma says: “Music should entertain and take you on a journey” so listen to the podcast

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Show Playlist

Northern Star Podcast #176 on 26th July 2018
Theme – “Pallas Northern Star”

1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Official) – Welcome To The Pleasure Dome
2. Bill Nelson – Living In my Limousine
3. Moonparticle – Leon’s Experiment
4. Fractal Mirror – The Ever Rain
5. Triumvirat – Lucky Girl
6. Doris Brendel – A little act of Defiance
7. This Winter Machine – Justified
8. Times Up – Snow Queen
Public Service Broadcasting– The Race for Space
10. Jet Black Sea – 133 Hours
11. Mike Kershaw – Dark Spaces
12. Gong – Band Opium For the people
13. Feeder – Moonshine
14. Once and Future Band – How Does it make you feel?
15. Riverside – Lost (Why should I be frightened by a hat)
16. North Sea Radio Orchestra – The Earth beneath our feet
17. Oh. – Androgyny
18. Checking For Echo – Guiding Light
19. Roger Waters – Is This The Life we really want?
20. Equinox – Escape Mental
21. Southern Empire – Innocence – & Fortune
22. YES (official) – Ritual/ Nous Somme Du Soliel

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