OH. – “Love Will Heal” [Indie Ballad] Featured on Hitplex Music Blog

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August 28, 2015
Women of Substance
“Love Will Heal” Debuts on Women of Substance Radio on “What’s on my iPod” New Music Show

Women of Substance Radio is an Online Radio Station started by Bree Noble in 2007 that plays the BEST music

August 22, 2015
Ολίβια Χατζηιωάννου - Olivia Hadjiioannou - OH.
OH.: A Multi-Instrumentalist’s Experience with Patreon Crowdfunding

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform created by musician Jack Conte and developer Sam Yam. It is a way to get

August 22, 2015
Progressive metal - Progressive Rock
?❤️?The Weird and Wonderful World of Oh. Issue #2

LOVE WILL HEAL The Story of An Angel and the Ballad “Love Will Heal”

August 10, 2015
love will heal
The Story of An Angel and the Ballad “Love Will Heal” – OH.

A short time after the release of the album, “Synemotion”. I went to the studio and laid down the instrumentals

August 8, 2015
Epose Progressive rock and Metal
Review of Oh.’s “Synemotion” on Exposé – Exploring the Boundaries of Rock

A wonderful review of Synemotion on the progressive rock online magazine Exposé

August 8, 2015
OH. – Review of Synemotion on MuzikMan.net

Keith Hannaleck, known as “MuzikMan” is a journalist specializing in independent and major music reviews and the promotion of artists

August 8, 2015
Love Will Heal
Behind the Scenes: New Release “Love Will Heal”

Some photos from behind the scenes for a new up-coming single, “Love Will Heal”. The song has a very special

August 2, 2015
OH. – Synemotion – Review on Background Magazine – Progressive Rock

For many years, Background Magazine used to be an international magazine (printed on paper) specialized in progressive rock music and

August 1, 2015
The Seduction and Temptation in Art, Music and Naked Bodies

Many people were a bit shocked of the imagery of the video Run Away – even thinking maybe I was

June 28, 2015
Greece Crisis in the Eurozone
Greece: The Debt Crisis, the Eurozone and a Lost Generation

“Better to die on your feet than live on your knees” – Aeschylus “One of the greatest disservices you can

June 27, 2015
OH. – Synemotion – Review on Virtuosity.com – Spiritual Progressive Rock

Dave from “Virtuosity” the spiritual progressive rock e-zine with music news, reviews, and interviews dedicated to searching out and reviewing

June 25, 2015
Guitar Tuning
John Lennon Tuned His Guitar at A=444 Hz (C=528Hz) Should We Too?

There is quite of lot of conflicting information online about tuning to the standard A=440 Hz, A=432 Hz and A=444 Hz.

June 22, 2015
Deaf Forever - Brustus - Syemotion
OH. – Synemotion Review in Metal and Hard Rock Magazine – Deaf Forever

DEAF FOREVER is a Berlin based Hard rock and Metal magazine published from 2014 by Götz Kühnemund, who was the

June 18, 2015
Synemotion on Spotify
OH. – Synemotion Streaming on Spotify

A great and absolutely FREE way to support the musicians you love… follow them, stream and add them to your

June 13, 2015
OH. Synemotion Streaming on Feedbands

Got an email from feedbands “Hello OH., Congratulations! Your song, “Synemotion”, is now streaming on feedbands. We are incredibly selective

June 13, 2015
Album Launch
OH. ‘Synemotion’ Vinyl Album Launch on ‘Prog @ 33 1/3’ with Nick Katona on the House of Prog

Join us for the launch of OH.’s new progressive metal vinyl album, “Synemotion” hosted by Nick Katona on his “only

June 4, 2015
Review: Synemotion on Progpraat! – Independent Progressive Music Magazine

Thank you Rinco for the wonderful review in Progpraat Translation (Google Translate) From Greece comes the progressive rock and metal

May 28, 2015
Synemotion Album Review on Hardmusic.gr

Thank you Hard Music and Elias Papazoglou for your wonderful review of Synemotion – Translation from Greek: OH. or rather

May 28, 2015
Support Independent Artists
Independent Musicians: The Key Places Where People Purchase and Stream Music 2015

“A record label used to be able to look at a tree and say, “That would make a great table.”

May 25, 2015
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