Matter App
Some Pixite Matter App Progressive Rock Magic

Just playing around with Matter App: Some #matterapp magic Posted by OH. on Friday, April 17, 2015 Available on Bandcamp

April 21, 2015
Prog Sphere
OH. Progressive Metal Album Synemotion Featured on

Thank you Prog Sphere..for writing about Synemotion on your fantastic website for devotees of progressive rock, progressive metal, jazz fusion,

April 21, 2015
OH. Progressive Metal Album Synemotion Featured on

Synemotion! in …Greece’s rock news and music website! Here is the feature: Available on Bandcamp Buy Now Do you

April 21, 2015
OH. Progressive Metal Album Synemotion Featured on website is the result of a partnership group of fans of progressive music and their joint decision to create

April 21, 2015
Ravenheart Music
Review of the Progressive Metal Album Synemotion at Ravenheart Music

UK based Ravenheart Music was set up as a hobby in June 2006 by Dave Smith and Aimée Halford (herself

April 20, 2015
Ολίβια Χατζηιωάννου - Olivia Hadjiioannou - OH.
I Made a Wish Today: Why Is There Such a Split Between the Haves and Have-Nots

I made a wish today. A wish to be shown a way to break through this barrier I feel. At

April 18, 2015
OH. Progressive Metal Album Synemotion Featured on

OH’s new album, Synemotion was recently featured on, a Greek web portal featuring domestic Rock and Metal bands dedicated

April 18, 2015
Mobineko - Vinyl
OH.: Making a Vinyl Record With Mobineko – Cover – The Proofs

Just got the vinyl album cover proofs back from Very organized ordering system Other articles in The Road to

April 14, 2015
Oh. song, Oh. Musician, Oh. music, Oh. Progressive Rock, Oh. Progressive Metal, Oh. Olivia Hadjiioannou, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, Oh
16 Instruments and Sound Recording Gear Used to Make a Rock Song

This is a small peek at the instruments and equipment I use. I always find it interesting when entering a

April 7, 2015
An Uncommon Dialogue About Vocals in a Progressive Metal Rock Song

Peter “Brutus” Habermann, writer at DEAF FOREVER contacted me to write a review of Synemotion for the June edition of

March 31, 2015
OH. - Synemotion - Fluence
Fluence: A Goldmine of Advice for Indie Musicians

A couple years back I had looked into a couple of those music websites that connect you to A &

March 29, 2015
OH. - Synemotion
OH. – Crowd reviews of the song “Synemotion”

Some crowd reviews from Tunecore’s Track Smarts: I love the mood this song sets in the beginning by having a

March 28, 2015
OH. - Synemotion
Support Independent Artists and Support Each Other

Post by OH. Since Kickstarter was unavailable because I’m abroad, I thought to do my own home-made one. I also

March 13, 2015
OH. - Synemotion
New Metal Concept Album: Synemotion – OH.

ATHENS, GREECE – February 25, 2015 – The indie rock/metal artist OH. released two singles, “Run Away” and “Synemotion” from

February 25, 2015
OH. - Prog Rock Music Talk
PROG ROCK MUSIC TALK-Prog Rock Featured Artist: Olivia Hadjiioannou (OH.)

Many thanks to Keith Hannaleck (MuzikMan) for the feature on PROG ROCK MUSIC TALK, a blog that explores the fertile

March 4, 2014
OH. Interview
OH – Olivia Hadjiioannou People Magazine – Greek

Η OH είναι η Ολίβια Χατζηιωάννου. Ελληνοαμερικανίδα τραγουδίστρια, στιχουργός, συνθέτρια, μουσικός, που μοιράζει το χρόνο της ανάμεσα στην Αθήνα και

February 19, 2014
OH. Press Photo
OH – Olivia Hadjiioannou People Magazine – Greece

with collaborations with Giorgos Dalaras and Mimis Plessas, Kostas Hatzis, Kostas Bilgalis and the internationally recognized Al Di Meola.

February 18, 2014
OH.: 50 Events that marked Greece in 2013

Τα 50 γεγονότα που σημάδεψαν την Ελλάδα το 2013 Translation: The 50 events that left their mark on Greece in

January 1, 2014
OH. - Radio
OH. (aka Olivia Hadjiioannou) EP Sleeping World: Review by Scott Brownstone

Scott Brownstone, Aiir_Geezer on, wrote a wonderful review of the EP “Sleeping World”. Scott is a classically trained musician,

July 28, 2013
OH. – A Greek Tops the Music Charts – English Translation

The great-granddaughter of Solon Vlasto, publisher of the first Greek newspaper in the U.S., and descendant of the most influential

July 26, 2013
OH. - Sleeping World - Greek Press
Greek Press for Olivia Hadjiioannou (OH.) and her song “Trials”

[wpdevart_youtube]1VUA0WESgJQ[/wpdevart_youtube] Greek press for Olivia Hadjiioannou (OH.) “Trials” – a song for the world’s lost generation – Ο ελληνικός τύπος

July 25, 2013
OH. - Reviews
Review: “OH. Sleeping World” – Sea of Tranquility – Progressive Music

Simon Bray of Sea of Tranquility: an online webzine since 2001 featuring over 12,000 CD & DVD reviews, interviews, concert

July 24, 2013
OH - Beat100
Ελληνιδα νικητρια σε διεθνη διαγωνισμο Beat100 World Music Video Chart

Η κοινότητα του Beat 100 συγχαίρει την νικήτρια του πρώτου Beat100 World Music Chart Winner της 8ης Ιουλίου. Νικήτρια του

July 18, 2013
OH - Beat100
Greek singer-songwriter Olivia Hadjiioannou (OH.) winner of the BEAT100 World Music Video Chart

Olivia Hadjiioannou, Niki Tyler and Dan & Kathy Top the First Ever BEAT100 World Music Video Chart The BEAT100 community

July 18, 2013
OH - Reviews
Review of OH.’s EP Sleeping World by Greek prog radio DJ Thanos Patsos

Thanos Patsos of the Progressive Metal team of Prog Archives and radio producer of the “Prog Heavy Petting” show -on

July 11, 2013
OH - Reviews
Review: OH. EP Sleeping World by Bertrand Pourcheron of Clair & Obscur

Bertrand Pourcheron, reviewer at Clair & Obscur, a French webzine that explores a wide variety of music from progressive rock

June 29, 2013
OH - Reviews
EP Sleeping World by OH: Review by Nick Katona of Power of Prog

Sleeping World received a review from Nick Katona of Power of Prog. I’ve mentioned Nick in a previous post: Nick

June 9, 2013
OH - Reviews
EP Sleeping World by OH: Review by Mark Healy of Hibernal

Sleeping World just received wonderful review in Prog Archives from Mark Healy. Mark is the genius behind the prog rock

June 9, 2013
OH. - Beat100
Music video Trials by OH wins 3 awards on BEAT100

Just joined this great social network for musicians BEAT100 – that offers everything from a music video chart for musicians,

June 6, 2013
First review: Sleeping World album by OH (Olivia Hadjiioannou) on Prog Archives

Sleeping World just got its first review on Prog Archives by Second Life Syndrome. The reviewer writes: “This female, multi-instrumentalist

June 3, 2013
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