OH. - House of Prog
OH News: Featured album on House of Prog Radio

Just heard Sleeping World is the featured album today on House of Prog Radio. House of Prog is an online

June 2, 2013
OH. Prog Archives
OH. in Crossover Prog sub-genre of Prog Archives

I would like to thank the Crossover Team at the Prog Archives website for adding OH. to their premier progressive

June 1, 2013
OH. - Sleeping World - Nick Katona
Nick Katona: A power behind progressive rock music

In a sea of millions of online musicians – I was very fortunate to have found a safe port where

May 24, 2013
OH. - Sleeping World
Trials: a song for the world’s “lost generation”

Caught between the deep economic crisis’ in both Athens and New York; singer-songwriter OH. released her indie debut album, Sleeping

March 15, 2013
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