Oh. — Interview with Nick Katona on The House of Prog
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Album Launch of Metallia on House of Prog
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Nick Katona of Melodic Revolution Records hosted an exclusive launch of the new album “Metallia” on the House of Prog on July 24, 2018 @ 5 PM (EDT). On the four hour show, we discussed the new release, about music and life while Nick played the “Metallia” album, all the singles and the vinyl edition of “Synemotion” live.

In 2013, Nick discovered me on his site The Power of Prog, he played my first EP, “Sleeping World” on his show back when he was on Aiiradio.  This particular interview will always be memorable even more memorable than my first interview with Nick years agowhere my answers were monolectic and there was a lot of “dead air” (smile)-

We had a fabulous time.

The show also had a great turn-out as station manager Rick said,

“The show tonight has been heard in over 20 different countries tonight. Amazing!”

We gave away two Metallia Limted Edition CD’s. The winners were Roger De Freitas ( a wonderful friend) and Phil Jee (a great supporter of House of Prog) who were in chat during the show.

Congratulations to both of you.

Nick Katona - Backstory

excerpt from the original article about Nick. Nick Katona: A power behind progressive rock music

nickkatonaIn a sea of millions of online musicians – I was very fortunate to have found a safe port where a warm community of friends, musicians and industry professionals dedicated to promoting “all things and all era’s and styles of progressive rock music” exists – the social network – Power of Prog.

Power of Prog was launched September 2009 by a grassroots independent label Melodic Revolution Records which specializes in Prog but also works with other genres of music. The site name carried over from a 2008 Prog Festival hosted by the label. The idea of a prog social network came to founder, Nick Katona back in early 2009 after becoming frustrated with having to go to various sites to fill his prog needs.

Though there are a lot of great Prog websites out there, Power of Prog hosts personal profiles of bands, music lovers and writers making it so easy to share experiences and music. Reading about other people’s experiences really gives someone strength and guidance in a very competitive market and in a somewhat obscure genre of music. In comparison to MySpace music and other similar places, there are no spammers or fake followers – just people who love prog and music in general.

I want to mention just how special a person Nick Katona is. He not only launched Power of Prog (and keeps it ad and spam free) but also is founder and president of Melodic Revolution Records which as his site reads:

“Brings together musicians, artists, and every day people to keep the inspiration and imagination of the arts alive. The telling of a story through a song or art has an impact and long lasting effects in our daily lives. We try to promote these effects in hopes that people will continue to use music to learn, entertain, inspire, and open new doors in their lives.”

mrrNick, who has been in the music business for over 30 years, has scouted out many unknown and independent artists from all over the world and given them a chance to produce and distribute their works. Some of my favorite artists like Corvus Stone (Avant Garde Prog), Murky Red (Rock), Oceans of Time (Symphonic Power Metal), Andy John Bradford’s Ocean5 (Progressive Folk) and The Minstrel’s Ghost (Progressive Rock) – I would have never had the chance to hear if it weren’t for Nick’s efforts in getting their music distributed.

Most of all though, I want to thank Nick for taking a chance on me and playing my music on the radio for the first time on his show as DJ Revolution on AiiRadio.net.

House of Prog

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