Oh. Metallia on Radio Erdorin by Stéphane Gallay
by on December 8, 2018 in Metallia Radio reviews

Radio-Erdorin is a monthly video summary by Stéphane Gallay of his musical columns on his blog Erdorin


1. Female Metal Fest IV (Dead Dog Coffee / Gonezilla / Alkemy / Chaoseaum) 1:30

2. The Night Flight Orchestra (+ Macakatac + Black Mirrors) 6:18


1. The Ocean: Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic 11:06

2. Keor: Petrichor 12:40

3. Can Bardd: Nature Silent Stays 14:13

4. Sirenia: Arcane Astral Aeons 16:09

5. Coheed and Cambria: The Unheavenly Creatures 17:30

6. Monkey Currency: The Last Chance 18:49

7. The briefs: Calaveyre / Oh / Plini 19:55

Bonus: Belzebubs 22:08

Stéphane Gallay is a graphic designer by profession, quinqua role-player, progressive rock fan and self-proclaimed geek.

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For the Scrapbook

Translation from French DeepL

If I tell you Oh. (with a point), you may think of the title of a sanitized tabloid. Wrong Choice: Oh, it’s Olivia Hadjiioannou, a Greek musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer, who has just released a six-track mini-album entitled Metallia.

As its name suggests, Metallia is metal. Moreover, instrumental progressive metal; there is certainly voice, but it is more in the register of “disembodied screams” than “traditional singing”. In fact, it’s a little prog, a little symphonic, a little experimental and a little bit I don’t know.

To be very honest, I’m not really a fan. It’s either too experimental or too much stacked stuff for me. Original, no doubt, but a little too cluttered for my taste. That said, the album is on Bandcamp, at a very reasonable price. So it’s easy to check whether you like it or not.


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