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ATHENS, GREECE – February 25, 2015 – The indie rock/metal artist OH. released two singles, “Run Away” and “Synemotion” from her upcoming vinyl and digital album Synemotion set to be released on April 24, 2015. The singles and pre-orders of the digital download and the Limited Edition Double Gatefold vinyl are available now on Bandcamp and iTunes.

“Synemotion” is a thirty-two minute long instrumental metal concept album of nine tracks — one of which is an epic spoken word narration.

The album leads the listener on a spiritual and psychological odyssey through complex states of being and feeling.

Each song reveals a temporary but distinct feeling encountered when overwhelmed by experience on earth. The album touches on urges of escapism in song, “Run Away”, pangs of anger and frustration in “Rumpus” – recoil in “Subterfuge” – desperate longing in “Elegy” and betrayal in the song “Deception”. Finally, pushing one to an ultimate point of surrender in “Reception” – where the gift is awareness is given – tinged of course with the irony that the cycle of emotions will only begin once again in “World of Warcraft”.

The spoken word title track, “Synemotion” – narrates the entire journey from fear and pain — to release and self-acceptance. But most importantly, the song uncovers a path out of despair and desperation into an even more compelling and complex palette of emotions and sensations. The song gives hope and strength that one can walk through life even with one’s open wounds and have an even greater experience than before.


“When I initially record music, I listen to the first track, it will remind me of certain experiences that I have had personally – with people around me – circumstances, life itself and everything that has to do with daily life — this pain and anger and frustration – I want to resolve it and answer this feeling. So while listening to my initial composition, I pass through it so I know what it is about and I know the story – so the listeners – myself included, experience the feelings as a sound. I merge the total experience so it is a “known” in my composition. By listening and experiencing this in my song, feeling comes to a resolution and I find peace – the sensations and emotions (synemotion) are resolved by passing through the sound of it and so finally it gives hope – it’s not like all kinds of music – and is not to be confused with a psychological process – people get to know that none of their emotions…sensations and experiences..the “sounds” are not permanent – they come and go..passed through as simply as passing through the rhythms and notes of a song – knowing they are not permanent …this gives hope.”

Her debut release in 2013, Sleeping World, won an international video contest, entered Prog Archives in the Crossover Prog category and was considered one of the top 50 influential events that marked Greece in 2013. Reviewers compared the timbre of her voice to Sharon Den Adel and Anneke Van Giesbergen, others to Happy Rhodes and a cross between Kate bush and Tori Amos. They all emphasized her unique style, as one said, “she defies analysis somewhat as Queensryche” with distinctive sound of her own.

You can check out the videos for Run Away and Synemotion on YouTube.


Disc One
Side A
Run Away 03:05
Rumpus 03:18
Subterfuge 03:54

Side B
Elegy 04:01
Deception 03:51

Disc Two
Side A
Reception 04:21
World of Warcraft 03:43

Side B
Beckoning 03:33
Synemotion 03:55

OH.– Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals

Music, lyrics, recording and mix – OH.
Master: Hlias Lakkas Odeon Studios, Athens, Greece
Video concept, production and editing – OH.

First Reviews of “Synemotion”
Something rare and unique about this artist. A young female multi instrumentalist composer and vocalist in the realm of progressive rock. Makes me a bit misty in this day of EDM muzak. Lovely textures throughout, from acoustic guitars, haunting melodies behind the powerful narration. Solid Prog cred on the arrangement, with stellar production value head to toe on sound and image. OH is force to be embraced with gratitude by any ProgArt rock fan, of which I am one.
Mark Alan Dooley ~ Fluence


OH. is a symphonic progressive rock singer/songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. She lives in New York, NY and Athens, Greece
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Twitter: @olitunes

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Lyrics for “Synemotion”:

There are times in life when we feel chased, chased by the shadows of past consequence and innate ideas and beliefs -we try hard to keep things from falling apart, do our best possible, are heedful and mindful. Every day, it may seem the world is against us – we stretch ourselves and find powers we never realized we could reach and every day, outdo ourselves.

But there are crucial moments where things start to break down, and a torrent of doubts breaks out, and this questioning of beliefs leaves such a feeling of displeasure that permeates your being, until you want to just want to give up and let life take its course.

“Anything I do, won’t change things,” you think to yourself. And if this moment passes quickly it may leave you untouched. In time though, you find yourself trapped and though quite aware that any means of “escaping” will not modify affairs, you want to RUN AWAY.

To those whose minds unwillingly or willingly settle in a deep despair and cannot cope with life’s complications, and even to those who know the same concerns and fears will follow them wherever you go, there is one small difference between people who are brave enough to get up once more and break through the barriers and those who run away and remain trapped.

It is the shock of unwelcome emotions that blows us away and damages us; leaving us permanently wounded and guaranteeing our unfortunate lifestyles. But those who walk through life with wounds that hurt at the slightest touch and are not bothered by their ugliness, not bothered by the pain remembered and not worried of how many more scars will disfigure them, are the ones who are released, freed to feel again and experience even more. And with the next wave, what was once a torrent of unbearable emotion, becomes a colorful, complex and more compelling palette of moods and feelings, gifting us the ability to create and combine, not only a synesthesia of the senses but also the feelings – Synemotion.

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