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by on June 4, 2016 in Press reviews

Metalholic Magazine, a premier metal magazine for metal news and interviews, music videos and metal tour dates, wrote about the new metal music video, “Beckoning”.

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“This week, Athens-based performance artist OH. has unveiled her latest video for the track, “The Beckoning” off her 2015 metal release, Synemotion. Defining OH’s sound is difficult for she puts every ounce of her creative being into her art, so it is part progressive and part avant-garde, but ultimately it is breathtaking in its emotive beauty. She does not confine herself to genres or labels.”

Read the rest on Metalholic, “Greek multi-instrumentalist OH. delivers new performance metal video, The Beckoning”

MHmastersmMetalholic was founded in fall of 2008.

Rustyn Rose, editor-in-chief of Metalholic says about the magazine:

“The one argument repeatedly debated was/is, what counts as metal these days? First let me say that metal is more about attitude than sound. I’ve seen country artists that have the metal attitude (Johnny Cash and Shooter Jennings come to mind). So I’ve always found it amusing when some metalheads dismiss other genres or variations of metal simply because they’re not metal enough.’

Growing up, Led Zeppelin and Kiss were considered metal, now they’d be merely more than pop bands. As heavy as Black Sabbath was, they don’t hold a candle in weightiness to some of today’s black metal bands… Yet, they are still metal to me.

Hair metal was barely more than hard pop rock and Aquanet, but we still listen and call it metal. AC/DC is a simple hard-partying garage band, but I don’t know a professed metalhead who doesn’t love them.

Hard rock and metal is all one fluid state of mind, and Metalholic will cover it all. From the ‘light alloy’ (as Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott calls it) to the heaviest and darkest of extreme metal genres. If it rocks, it rocks, and that’s all that matters.

Don’t get hung up on a name or a sub-genre, get hung up on the music!”



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