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Synemotion is album of the month of May 2015. Read the review on Progcritique.com

Rough translation from French:

OH. – A Bombshell

“Behind the initials of OH stands Olivia Hadjiioannou, a young multi-instrumentalist living between New York and Athens. After a first EP in 2013, widely appreciated by critics, OH is back with the album “Synemotion” which is “a journey through the complex emotional states that we experience.”

For OH, each title has a message that is little experience listening to the vibrations and sensations that dominate in each instrumental parts.

The escape and open spaces in “Run Away” with rage “Rumpus” treachery and falsehood with “Subterfuge” the passage of time, and love for “Elegy,” the feeling of dissatisfaction of “Deception”, redemption and self-acceptance “Receiving”, “World of Warcraft” the conscience of a world without end, the call to life “Beckoning” and to close “Synemotion” the song that gives the name to this album, we passed through the whole range of our feelings.

This album is an excellent surprise , the rock / progressive metal of OH., is original, inspired, technical, punctuated with amazing breaks.

This almost completely instrumental album of nine songs (a few words and choirs in “Deception” and “Reception and OH narration in” Synemotion “) shows us an OH comfortable on her guitar, it’s simple, there is everything on this album: melody, rhythm, and yet more unstructured passages.

Few technical demonstrations that could tire, short, concise pieces, impeccable virtuosity and sensitivity.

You’ll understand this disc is a rock concentrate of Progressive metal as we love it.

Take the time to listen and see this album is a bombshell to the world of guitar!

Furthermore the album art is beautiful … .. The videos too!”


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