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Dave from “Virtuosity” the spiritual progressive rock e-zine with music news, reviews, and interviews dedicated to searching out and reviewing progressive rock bands that have a decidedly spiritual bent to their lyrics, reviewed the album, “Synemotion“.

“Out of Athens, Greece, comes a precocious young, creative, female multi-talented musician to add some spice into your record collection. OH (Olivia Hadjiioannou) recorded it herself and plays all the instruments, including drums, bass, keyboards, and vocals, but most notably brooding and evocative electric guitar on this record. Synemotion is a mostly instrumental progressive metal album, a concept record based on exploring the diverse emotional states humans experience when they are burdened by fear and worry. The gorgeously packaged double vinyl record is a worthy addition to any collection. The heavy music is powerful and explosive, and OH truly leads you on an emotional journey. Starting off with Run Away, the listener is transported by the driving instrumental into being reminded of why we withdraw into ourselves when we are in pain, shutting ourselves off from the loved ones around us. Rumpus continues that theme, a groovy rocking tune that really showcases OH’s chops as a guitarist. The next several tracks follow that lead, driving progressive instrumental music that follows an emotional roller coaster. The song Deception, one of my favorites, starts slowly with an acoustic guitar and hand drums, before blowing up into a powerful metal anthem, interspersed with strings and tight guitar riffage. All the songs are quite interesting, although the album is short – only 37 minutes long (and may have more conveniently fit on one vinyl record – but then again, double albums are cool!). Most hard rock instrumental music seems a bit naked without vocals, and this album has moments of that. However, the tracks are fairly short and the music diverse enough that they never devolve into the monotony that some instrumental albums plod under. That said, the title track packs the largest punch on the strength of the spoken word vocals. The song synchronizes the emotional journey into something tangible and accessible, and you get to hear a bit more of OH’s gorgeous voice which she highlighted in her 2013 debut, Sleeping World. When you know someone can sing, but yet they eschew that for the larger vision, which is to wring emotion out of the listener on the strength of the music alone, that takes courage and confidence. I told you OH was precocious and creative. She’s also strikingly beautiful, as one can experience in her sensual and artistic music videos that accompany this release (check out the track Run Away on Youtube: (https://youtu.be/m2Xoc8fyGb8). OH is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. With her talent, vision, and drive, she is definitely going to make a name for herself in the music world. Available on digital media and on vinyl. Find her on BandCamp at https://olitunes.bandcamp.com/album/synemotion {DT}”


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