Oh. (Olivia Hadjiioannou) Interview in Downtown Magazine (Greece)
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In the June 2019 issue of DownTown Magazine (Greece) is an interview about the French Riviera Film Festival in Cannes and “Red Lion“. DownTown Magazine is a print magazine in Greece that comes out once a month and is also an addition to the Sunday newspaper, TA NEA every 1st Saturday of the month. DownTown Magazine started in 1995 as a weekly magazine and continues to be a very stylish and modern magazine with great articles and stunning photography. #downtownmaggr @downtownmaggr

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Her New Yorker mother brought her up believing that “nothing is impossible” and her Greek father to recognize authenticity. Today, Olivia Hadjiioannou brought those two values together and returned from Cannes and the French Riviera Film Festival (FRFF) and in her luggage an award for Best Music Video. The progressive rock metal song “Red Lion” from the album “Metallia” was awarded for its authenticity and innovation and that is how Oh. (which is her stage name) truly proved nothing is impossible.

Progressive Music Won

“I was surprised to win, it was enough just to be there with my film. That’s why when I heard my name I was stunned. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was the winner!

I was very proud not only for myself but also for the country I represent, but it is also a great artistic satisfaction that a progressive metal piece was recognized in Cannes.

Generally people don’t know that it was progressive music that pushed the boundaries of rock.

Cannes, A Life-Changing Experience

Cannes is a lovely little town that transforms into Hollywood during the Festival de Cannes.

The journey was life changing, a unique experience. I met many famous Oscar winning actors, directors and composers from all over the world.

The wonderful thing is that the entire city becomes like one big “company of friends” as if you know each other for years. Especially through the parties that are going on from morning till night.  The dress code there is tuxedos and evening dresses all day long.

Almost Blue Blood

I was born in Athens and for a while lived in New York and the rest of the time in Greece.

My father plays guitar and has played with many famous musicians such as Al Di Meola, Xarhako, Dalaras, Plessas, Hatzis and Bilgalis, my mother piano and flute.

The truth is that I carry a great legacy from my heritage and this makes me more sensitive to my Greek identity.  My grandfather was the well-known Solon Vlasto who created the first Greek newspaper, ATLANTIS for the Greek immigrant community. Knowing the story of my family, its roots go back to Byzantium! In fact, the family also has a coat of arms. It’s funny but yes, some jokingly call us blue-bloods if you can believe that.(!)

I have heard stories from my grandfather about when my great-grandfather played cards with Onassis and the King of Greece. Of all this, what matters to me and makes me proud is that my grandfather’s newspaper helped thousands of Greek immigrants find work and to adapt more easily to the difficult conditions of America then. The only thing that reminded me of this old grandeur is when I used to pass in front of my grandfather’s home father, “Villa ATLANTIS” by the great architect Ernst Ziller in Kifissia while I was walking to school.

If you are wondering if I own this villa unfortunately … no! The crisis makes no exceptions.

A Promenade in Glyfada

I live  in Glyfada, which I love.
I spend endless hours in the studio. When I want to rest my mind, I  take a walk on the beach.

At my favorite kiosk in Glyfafa with Mixalis Mpellos
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