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Oh. A Progressive Metal and Progressive Rock Multi-instrumentalist

“She puts every ounce of her creative being into her art, so it is part progressive and part avant-garde, but ultimately it is breathtaking in its emotive beauty. She does not confine herself to genres or labels” – Rustyn Rose Metalholic Magazine


Short Bio

Oh. is a progressive metal multi-instrumentalist.

Frenetic harmonic guitar solos, sultry multi-layered harmonic vocals, ecstatic head-banging riffs, fantastical violins, grooving bass lines and furious drums paint the myriad and intricate sonic landscapes of Oh. Since her award winning debut EP in 2013, “Sleeping World” — she has released seven other projects – one — a progressive metal album, “Synemotion” on vinyl, four avant-garde prog ballads, and a new progressive metal EP on CD — “Metallia” in 2018.

Oh. has three international music video awards, most recently in the London Greek Film Festival for her single “Deserted Eyes”. One reviewer said, “if you put Kate Bush, Auf Der Maur, Ayreon, Chiasmata, Igorrr, old White Zombie and Amogh Symphony in a blender with several metronomes running different time signatures, add a healthy dash of thrash riffs to the proggy mix and baked the resulting mixture for several hours you probably wouldn’t even come close to the sound.”

She plays guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, drums, violin, piano and percussion composes, performs, produces, mixes and masters her own music in Athens, Greece.


Sultry multi-layered harmonic vocals leading to frenetic harmonic guitar solos, ecstatic head-banging riffs, fantastical violins, grooving bass lines and furious drums paint the myriad and intricate sonic landscapes of Oh.. She conjures up magic song potions of avant-garde ballads, prog metal instrumentals, symphonic prog rock tunes. Her guitars whisper of Satriani and Vai and her vocals, the timbre of Sharon Den Adel, Anneke Van Giesbergen and Tori Amos. Her music evokes intense imagery, entices the listener to journey into epic sonic landscapes and finally escape into intense ecstatic oblivion.

The real story about Oh. and her music is not disguised behind her moniker or cultivated in the place she was born. What drives her to play a half-dozen instruments or insist on mixing and mastering her own music isn’t revealed in a succession of external events rather, driven by a passion to musically reveal an “inner-story”.

Yes, she calls herself Oh. because those are the initials of her real name Olivia Hadjiioannou *, – unpronounceable to most except other natives of Greece, where she was born.

And though, some hints as to why she became a musician can be found scattered in snapshots of instruments on her childhood wall. She says: “I never felt as if there were ever a question of whether I can play music or not, music is always a question of whether you have something to say.”

Her time in her studio is spent in crafting a sound, as she says. ‘epic enough’ to touch the soul, whether in the darkest recesses of sorrow or heights of elation.

Within those wild and thrashing guitars and ecstatic voices, there is a faint but powerful voice of hope  you are left transformed in a subtle way.

There is so much more to Oh., you just need to listen and listen carefully because there are many twists and turns in her progressive rock and metal landscapes.
– J.C.

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Oh. released a debut progressive rock EP “Sleeping World” in 2013 with the award winning video “Trials – A Song for a Lost Generation”

The metal album and vinyl release, “Synemotion” in 2015

Two singles, “Love Will Heal” and “Love of Avalanches” in 2016 – one of the first Greek artists to create a 360° virtual reality video without a 360° camera.

A single ballad, “I’m in Love” was released in 2017 with a WebGL online experience which was nominated by

The last of the single ballad series, “Deserted Eyes” was released on January 19, 2018 with an animated music video and innovative WebGL experience. The song is was a semi-finalist in the 2017 International Songwriters Competition (ISC) and the music video was the winner of the Cosmocinema Awards for Best Music Video Award in the London Greek Film Festival, an official selection in the 13th Athens Animfest 2018, and winner for Best Video Art in the Five Continents International Film Festival.

A progressive metal EP, “Metallia” will be released July 27 2018.

Oh. is currently in the studio working on the progressive rock album, “Prog Unshaven” coming out in Spring 2019.


•  Oh.’s debut EP Sleeping World released in February 2013. The music video for the title track “Trials – a song for a lost generation” won an international video contest

•  Oh. was added into Prog Archives into the Crossover Prog category.

•  The song “Trials” was considered one of the top 50 influential events that marked Greece in 2013.

•  Honored the developers of the Mettle Skybox Suite reposted the unique workflow used to create a 360° virtual reality video without a 360° camera on their Skybox Studio blog –  invited to present the workflow at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) – for the music video, “Love of Avalanches” in 2016. mentioned in Huffington Post (Greece).

•  A 3D WebGL interactive experience for the launch of the single “I’m in Love” was nominated on for site of the day in 2017.

• Semi-finalist in the 2017 International Songwriters Competition (ISC).

• “Deserted Eyes” music video selected in the 13th Athens Animfest 2018.

• “Deserted Eyes” music video winner of the International Cosmocinema Award for Best Music Video in the 11th London Greek Film Festival.


Reviewers have compared the timbre of her voice to Sharon Den Adel and Anneke Van Giesbergen, others to Happy Rhodes and a cross between Kate bush, Tori Amos and Eivør. They emphasized her quite unique style, as one said, “she defies analysis somewhat as Queensryche” with distinctive sound of her own.

So, what does it actually sound like then? Well, in short I can’t say if you like ‘x’ band you will love this as there really is a lot of influence and styles melded in to its 25 minute run time yet I can say that if you put Kate Bush, Auf Der Maur, Ayreon, Chiasmata, Igorrr, old White Zombie and Amogh Symphony in a blender with serveral metronomes running different time signatures, add a healthy dash of thrash riffs to the proggy mix and baked the resulting mixture for several hours you probably wouldnt even come close to the sound…did that help? Nope? OK then check this out ~ Lee Davidson – Prog Metal Madness


Oh. is a multi-instrumentalist (guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, drums, violin, piano and percussion) who composes, performs, produces, mixes and masters her own music from her studio in Athens, Greece.

“Metallia’ – A New Progressive Metal Album by Oh.

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Live gigs - Oh. - Olivia Hadjiioannou


“Cacophonous, complex, illustrative, dense, awash in radiance, terrifying, challenging- all of it driven by the taut, ferocious guitar work and instrumental mastery demonstrated by Ms. H.

Waves of feminine choral sounds weave in and out of the tapestry, washes of intensity rarely relenting, leading me to recall why at one point in my younger days I was strongly drawn to consider using psychedelic drugs. Mind expansion, spirit expansion. Transcendence. Enlightenment.

I thought the music must be considered a language of its own, and interpreting another’s language is risky and delicate.

Yet, if you do take time to listen and not only listen but HEAR, you will be rewarded, even, perhaps, transformed.” ~ Stephen Conrad – Progarchives

Wonderful melodies and the constant flow through complex spaces stimulate impassionate moods and emotions; sometimes hammock, sometimes bed of nails, but always full of hope.” ~ Peter “Brutus” Habermann – DEAF FOREVER

It is well worth spending about 40 minutes of your time to take this journey, with the talent of this 25 year old Greek-American. With lots of music, with few but essential words, and with originality. Something tells me that we will soon be hearing again about her even larger (music) plans … ~ Elias “DEMON” Papazoglou – Hard Music

“Something rare and unique about this artist. A young female multi instrumentalist composer and vocalist in the realm of progressive rock. Makes me a bit misty in this day of EDM muzak. Lovely textures throughout, from acoustic guitars, haunting melodies behind the powerful narration. Solid Prog cred on the arrangement, with stellar production value head to toe on sound and image. OH is force to be embraced with gratitude by any ProgArt rock fan, of which I am one.”
Mark Alan Dooley ~ Fluence

Definitely a piece of progressive art by a very talented young woman. ~ Angelo Hulshout – Background Magazine

OH. – A Bombshell. Take the time to listen and see this album is a bombshell to the world of guitar! ~

OH. Yes! Providing proof positive for all time that Greek women rock, here is OH. with a tune from her 2015 album Synemotion. It’s clear that OH. is a significant talent, sure to impress again. ~ Jon Davis – Exposé

Anyone that is into guitar virtuoso types of music will love this release. Some of the tracks I found exhilarating and others interesting but in the end an appreciation for the overall talent this artist brings to the table. You can count on some amazing six string runs throughout this listen.

She has my utmost respect for such a huge accomplishment. ~ Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck – MuzikMan Productions

The gorgeously packaged double vinyl record is a worthy addition to any collection. The heavy music is powerful and explosive, and OH truly leads you on an emotional journey.

The song synchronizes the emotional journey into something tangible and accessible, and you get to hear a bit more of OH’s gorgeous voice which she highlighted in her 2013 debut, Sleeping World. When you know someone can sing, but yet they eschew that for the larger vision, which is to wring emotion out of the listener on the strength of the music alone, that takes courage and confidence.

I told you OH was precocious and creative. She’s also strikingly beautiful, as one can experience in her sensual and artistic music videos that accompany this release (check out the track Run Away on Youtube. OH is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. With her talent, vision, and drive, she is definitely going to make a name for herself in the music world. ~ Dave – Virtuosity

OH. – Press Photos – Synemotion


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