The Best Progressive Rock and Metal Radio Stations
The Best Progressive Rock and Metal Radio Stations- Oh.

The Best Progressive Rock and Metal Radio Stations

Some of the best radio stations and programs that play #prog #progmetal #progressiverock and #avantgarde music

(list is in random order)

House of Prog

House of Prog is an Internet Radio station broadcasting from Newville, Pennsylvania, United States, providing Progressive and Independent music from around the world streaming 24/7. Live DJ shows from Tuesdays thru Saturdays. The House of Prog features progressive rock and metal music and the only vinyl show on the web.

Closer to the Edge

CLOSER TO THE EDGE is a “Prog Variety Show” playing the finest classic and modern Progressive music from around the world! JD is the host. “Closer to the Edge” airs on Asheville FM 103.3 and online.

Closer to the Edge on Facebook

Progzilla Radio is the UK’s first dedicated progressive rock radio network. Known as the “show that never ends” playing 365 days a year 24/7.

You can listen live on the website or on And join the chat on the website.

Progressive rock

Aural Moon – The net’s progressive rock garden
There is a very strong community and forum on the website.

The Gagliarchives with host Tom Gagliardi
Saturdays 22:00 ET (4 hours), Replays Tuesdays 11:00 ET (4 hours)

Gagliarchives on Facebook

Xymphonia is a weekly, two hour radio show broadcastet. 19 years running prog show on public radio in Holland.

Every Sunday evening the show is broadcast on local radio Omroep Almelo from 8 pm CET.

The program can be listened to in the air and live via an online stream via:

Prog Core Live is an English/French broadcast straight from Montreal, Canada.

The show is hosted by Denis Champagne & Pierre Lemoyne on Prog Core Radio

Every Wednesday, 8 PM (GMT-4, Montreal time)
Tous les mercredi, 20h (UTC-4, heure de Montréal)

Find them on Facebook


Gustavo Bolasini hosts the radio show “The Return of the Giant” dedicated to Progressive and Symphonic Rock since September 2000, produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina. El Retorno del Gigante, is broadcasted in 3 Argentinian radio stations. Live in Buenos Aires city, recorded in Mar del Plata (500 kilometers from Bs.As.), and also online.

Prog Palace Radio

Prog Palace Radio is a progressive & power metal station that’s been in existence for 14 years. Live shows 6 days a week and a chat room to interact with their DJs.

Prog Palace Radio is an internet radio station playing progressive and power metal. Available 24/7 with prerecorded and live shows weekly.

Find on Prog Palace Radio on Facebook

PRogressive Rock Radio

ISKC Rock Radio – for Progressive, Symphonic, Old and the better Classic Rock.

All weekday shows are made by different producers. They deliver the every day fresh Prog music. (Air time: every weekday from 9PM – 11PM (CET).

Find them on:

Facebook Group

Progressive Rock Radio

“Radio Floyd”
Non-Stop 100% Progressive Rock: 24/7
From all over the world.

Listen here
Google Play

Melodic Revolution Radio was developed by Melodic Revolution Records to promote its artist with live Streaming music 24/7 occasional interviews and live shows

“Bringing together music listeners with music that inspires and makes us think while cultivating memories.

Richard Schwartz on his show Prognosis

Every Saturday 8am to 12pm (EST) internet radio show featuring Prog Rock, Classic Rock, and Melodic Rock on
Raven Rocks Radio

Station playing the best of Progressive Rock/Metal, Classic Rock and New Music 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Aloys Martens “The Flying Dutchman” on his show, ‘When Prog and Metal Unite”

Sundays at from 7pm CET.

Listen link

On Facebook

Over the years AiiRadio & it’s presenters have been dedicated to promoting independent music from all over the world. It has a very friendly chat room where the listeners, bands and artists can talk to the presenter’s when they are on the AiiR*.

AiiRadio – The Best in Independent Music

Prog Univers

Prog-univers is an internet station broadcasting progressive rock, Neo Prog and conventional rock. It supports unknown artists by adding their works to their playlist during the week broadcasting 24 hours a day without advertising and heard in over 146 countries.



Progwave Radio is a progressive rock internet station from Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom, playing Alternative, Classic Rock, Postrock, Progressive, Electronica.

Progwave Radio

Progwave Radio pn Facebook

Progwave Radio on Twitter @progwaveradio

A crazy mix of prog, tech, djent, jazz and other underground metal styles rolled up into a Monday night.

You can listen to Lee Davidson host of ProgMetalMadness on Monday, 9-11pm (GMT) on Ridge Radio.

Past shows


MLWZ – radio Rockerwis.FM progressive rock show started in 1994,

on air every Wednesday between 9:00 pm and1:00 pm CET (GMT +1)

Artur Chachlowski, well known Polish Metal Hammer journalist is host

Past shows

Metallia by Oh. on Prog tracks

The Progressive Tracks Show is aired/streamed live Sunday mornings 3:00 – 4:00pm (Pacific Time) and is also rebroadcast Monday nights on KPTZ 91.9 FM Jefferson County, WA, USA  ( at 7:00-8:00 AM. DJ Mike Pollack’s show is also ‘syndicated’ on Progzilla Radio in the UK (a 24/7 Progressive Rock Internet Station).

Mike’s Tumblr blog
Prog Tracks on Facebook

Emma ‘Chrysoprasia’ Roebuck is host of Northern Star radio show every Thursday night on Progzilla Radio from 8.00 PM to 10.00 PM (GMT).

Show on Tunein
Repeat Shows Tuesdays 00.00 am GMT & 2.00pm BST

Northern Star on Facebook

The Sunday Groove

‘The Sunday Groove’ with DJ Andy John Bradford on The House of Prog. Andy has a passion for the introduction of independent musicians around the world

The show kicks off at 2pm UK time, 6am PST 9am EST 3pm CET on the station that carries it all The House of Prog

Music in Widescreen

Music in Widescreen an internet radio show and podcast featuring epic progressive rock tracks from past and present. broadcasting at

Sundays 6-9pm CST Sundays hosted by Mark and Rayna Monforti.


Progressive Rock Radio Shows

Heavy Elements focuses on the heavier side of Prog Metal and is presented by Steve Blease.

3.30am (10.30pm EDT on Friday in the US) and on Wednesday at 6.30pm BST on

Steve on Facebook – Your Ticket to the BEST in Progressive Rock, broadcasting since Sep 1999.

Free 192k RIAA licensed stream. on Facebook

Marty Dorfman, AKA The Prog Doc brings you ‘The Waiting Room’ every Friday night at 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EDT/EST on  The House of Prog

Metal Nation Radio streams Heavy Metal 24-7. Thrash, Traditional, Death, Speed, Stoner, Sludge, Doom, Progressive, Power, Groove, Melodic, Folk
Check out Rustyn Rose’s show Metalholics Anonymous
Saturday from 12pm Midday-2pm PST

Flight of the Pegasus is a Greek hard and heavy metal radio station and music news webzine that has been broadcasting since 1990.

Flight of Pegasus on Facebook


Prog @ 33 1/3 with The Mad Platter – Nick Katona
Playing the best in class Progressive Rock and its sub-genres. Fridays at 4:00 pm on the House of Prog

Host Stuffer White on his progressive music show, “Light Without Heat

“Light Without Heat” is a progressive Music Radio Show that features Progressive Rock, Jazz, Fusion, with some great independent artists.

Sunday afternoons 5pm to 8pm EST on

Light Without Heat Facebook group

The Viking in the Wilderness is a weekly 3 hour long internet radio show that started in 2017. The host is Olav Martin Bjørnsen. Featuring a variety of music from jazz to progressive rock, ambient sounds, heavy metal and music beyond definition.

Every Monday on The House of Prog at 6 PM GMT / 1 PM EST

NewEARS Prog Show was created to spread the Good Word of Prog!

Saturdays from 2PM to 4PM EST

on WEMF Radio
Also on TuneIn

NewEARS Prog Show on Facebook

Friday Night Progressive Radio

The Friday Night Progressive Radio Show
Starts every Friday Night at 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM (New York)

Tune into Friday Night Progressive
Chat room
Replay on Progwave Radio 8PM (UK)

Join the Facebook Group
FNP Host

Planet Prog with Mark Krueger has been broadcasting live from the Studios of WMSE 91.7 FM at The Milwaukee School of Engineering, Krueger Hall since 1977. Every Sunday evening from 9:00pm until 10:30pm.

Audio Archives are available anytime. Check the playlists to view Mark’s selections for each week.

Planet Prog on Facebook

Kiss That Prog

Kiss That Prog is Scotland’s first ever prog rock radio show. It broadcasts each Thursday evening from 8-10 PM on

Host of the show is Eddie McFadden

Kiss That Prog on Facebook

Bob Prigmore

Bob Prigmore host of the Prog + Rock show on Beat Route Radio.

The show runs from 6-8 PM and showcases emerging artists in progressive music.

Beat Route Radio on Facebook
Beat Route Radio on Twitter @beatrouteradio

Profil radio

Profil Radio in Quebec. The weekly radio program broadcasts with hosts Bruno Coté on the controls, Gérald Hawey and Fred Simoneau on profil’s radio and Richard Hawey on research.

Profil is broadcasted every Sunday from 8 pm to 11 pm on the air of CKIA 88.3 FM Radio.

Profil Radio
Profil podcast on iTunes
Profil on Facebook

Live From Progzilla Towers Podcast – Proving that Prog isn’t just for Dinosaurs! Presented by Cliff Pearson on Thursdays @ 15:00 – 18:00

Progzilla is a weekly radio show and podcast dedicated to new, forthcoming and recent releases, news, reviews from the world of Progressive Rock.

on Progzilla Radio
Podcast on iTunes

The Progressive Metal Hour

The Progressive Metal Hour with host Jan Bracke.

Every Friday between 5PM and 6PM EDT on Rogue-Rock-Radio

The Progressive Metal Hour on Facebook

The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope

SMK; the Sentinel’s Marvelous Kaleidoscope broadcasts at CFRU 93.3 FM in Guelph, Ontario. The hosts Nicholas Cooper and Dru Jacey feature progressive rock,  progressive fusion and alternative genres.

Mondays from 3 to 5 PM EST (12-2 PM PST / 8-10 PM GMT / 5-7 AM JST on following Tuesday)


Here’s what some early reviewers say about ‘Metallia’:

“If you put Kate Bush, Auf Der Maur, Ayreon, Chiasmata, Igorrr, old White Zombie and Amogh Symphony in a blender with several metronomes running different time signatures, add a healthy dash of thrash riffs to the proggy mix and baked the resulting mixture for several hours you probably wouldn’t even come close to the sound.” – Lee Davidson – Prog Metal Madness

‘Metallia’ is what it is, not music for fragile souls but an evanescent storm of instrumental music (the voice being used not for words, but as sound) that will suit the enthusiast of powerful, progressive and experimental music.” – Rinco Ennema ~ Rock Affairs

“Do you get bored quickly by the standard prog metal music offer? that will not happen to you with ‘Metallia’! – Herman Beunk – Xymphonia

“Oh wow! What the bloody hell’s going on here then? Freshness. Uniqueness. Boldness. An outlier! Call it what you like, but this is anything but your typical run of the mill, bog standard, meat and potatoes, vanilla-like metal.” – K-MaNriffs- Blessed Altar Zine

“Chaos becomes order, the mind blowing ‘Metallia’ by Oh. – Martin Hutchinson ~ Progradar

An interesting well thought out project from a talented-mult-instrumentalist ~ Geoff Penn ~Progplanet

“Cacophonous, complex, illustrative, dense, awash in radiance, terrifying, challenging- all of it driven by the taut, ferocious guitar work and instrumental mastery demonstrated by Ms. H. Waves of feminine choral sounds weave in and out of the tapestry, washes of intensity rarely relenting, leading me to recall why at one point in my younger days I was strongly drawn to consider using psychedelic drugs. Mind expansion, spirit expansion. Transcendence. Enlightenment. ~ Stephen Conrad – Progressive Rock Fanatics–Progarchives

After some interrogations the EP grows on you, which gives us music in a little different vintage, so for the curious, just release the handbrake and discover! ~ Conny Myrberg –

Metallia has already drawn the attention of progressive circles, but they have yet to analyze the enigmatic, versatile, bold, suspiciously attractive style of its music.This is one of those circumstances where you think you have heard something similar before, but you can not parallel it with something recognizable. Her material sounds “metallized”, adventurous, and has a cinematic affinity. Above all, however, the sound is disruptive, the vocal injections arouse this impact. Clearly interesting, in a sense, it could be co-production of Shrapnel and 4AD. Check it out. ~ George Politopoulos – Flight of Pegasus

Olivia Hadjiioannou is always up for a surprise… After the quite heavy “Synemotion” album, she released a couple of distinctly art rock oriented singles. However, her latest EP is quite different from everything we have heard of her before: It’s a tour de force into high-grade prog metal realms with shredding guitars, sinister vocal layers, and unexpectedly transforming rhythm patterns. All music composed by Oh. All instruments played by Oh. An overwhelming one-woman show! Favorite track: Androgyny. ~ Sven B. Schreiber

This girl isn’t afraid to sound unique with this gorgeous, mind expanding instrumental feast of experimental prog metal gifted with shredding riffs, eastern vibes, ethereal interludes and dramatic shifts in pace and complexity. There’s no empty virtuosity here though, since everything flows together into one sonic experience that never ceases to sound warm, emotional and organic. An ambitious and compelling endeavour. Favorite track: Androgyny. ~Sauro Fabi

Listening to Metallia, expect to be unexpected. Nothing is obvious here, nothing sounds as you would expect, and surprise is surprising. ~ Artur Chachlowski of MLWZ

Neither guitar hero nor singer metal, OH. invents a progressive rock art metal where Olivia’s guitar is queen, sometimes supplanted by her war cries sung like a second guitar. An extraordinary musical experience, extreme for canterbury fans, so to discover absolutely. ~ Jean-Christophe – Neoprog

What Oh. screams out of her guitar is not for the faint-hearted, by the constant stream of trash riffs this is a dirty Steve Vai or a vicious Joe Satriani but with balls or better said without balls or at least as well. It is unsettling in the metal scene when a longhaired guitarist turns out to be a woman in the end…Her voice meanders from mood to emotion. From fear to love. The songs do not have a standard structure but are textures like the wandering Etesian winds that so often thrash the Aegean Sea. ~Jos Driessen – Progwereld

An excellent example of how instrumental guitar albums can still sound inspired and interesting. ~ Jupiter Variation

Only after a few passages does the open music lover begin to discover that the pieces are multi-layered and rich in detail and that the electric guitar is only used as one means of expression among many. Besides the parts for the guitars and drums, one discovers the ethnically coloured percussion, the creative rhythms and breaks and the polyphonic, mostly very wild vocals as well as the more extreme and unusual sounds that one can elicit from the human vocal cords. Now and then symphonic keyboard chords shimmer through and seem to suggest recognizable structures in the often shamanic songs. In such moments the voice of Oh. may remind of some well-known singers, most probably Kate Bush.

Thus, in parts the music reveals a rather experimental character. Like “Bee”, for example, which begins with solos for the acoustic guitar and then develops into an almost apocalyptic-appearing, sometimes industrial-influenced moods, which give an idea of the considerable depth that seems to have been created for the spatial mixing. ~ Siggy Zielinski – Babyblauen Seiten

Oh. On The Radio

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