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Thank you Conny Myrberg for this review of “Metallia” on is a Swedish webzine for artrock. They mention on their website:

Artrock is the collective name of several music styles. These music styles often get less space among press and record companies, but thanks to dedicated people in the music industry, associations and many networking sites, interest has increased in recent years. This page mainly emphasizes Swedish events in the so-called artrocken.


7/10 for “Metallia”

See original below

Google Translate:

Oh, too, Olivia Hadjiioannou is a young Greek artistic multi-artist with many lyric on her own. She just does not master various instruments, there is a lot to get for the interested. Previously heard beautiful musical creations from Olivia, not least with her song. Here, however, she chooses to present an EP in six parts and as the name suggests a conceptual album in the genre progressive metal but then without vocal texts. The concept might be best described by herself ?! (see video below).

Then some reflections to the music and red lion are a metal cone ala harder strokes. Bee-Spanish influences will later be completely taken over by industrial acts in the metal genre. Androgyny – Thoughts go to Kate Bush, fast here in a definitely tougher nature. Resurrection – dirty, heavy and why not a concept for a movie scene ?! Dragon’s Kiss – Vibbar we get from Peter Gabriel’s Africa beat that might also be an inspiration source? Triumph – Heavy progressive metal with a great attitude.

After some interrogations, Ep grows, which gives us music in a little different vintage, so for the curious, just release the handbrake and discover!

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