Review of OH.’s EP Sleeping World by Greek prog radio DJ Thanos Patsos
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Thanos Patsos of the Progressive Metal team of Prog Archives and radio producer of the “Prog Heavy Petting” show -on Just in Case Radio the first progressive radio station in Greece – wrote a great review of the EP “Sleeping World” by OH. (Olivia Hadjiioannou).

Gems sparkle brighter when things are tough

24 minutes is enough to understand that here we deal with a very talented individual, who not only composes and performs all her music by herself, but also arranges all aspects and produces the final result in a very professional manner. The statement is pretty clear: aSleeping World that needs to wake up before it’s too late.

The EP boasts of pure feelings and dynamism, projecting at the same time the enthusiasm of a young artist and the maturity of an accomplished composer with clear goals. Sleeping World, although immersed in a pool of generally accessible and mainstream pop prog music, displays moods of anger, rebellion and a sense of change, within the relatively simple but emotionally strong lyrics.

The biggest assets in this EP are Olivia’s diverse voice, who seems able to sing in any style, and the very careful and polished mixing and general production of the album, which in itself is a skill and lifts off Olivia’s compositions. Although constantly maintaining a mainstream character, the music itself ranges from pop (Trials, Forget It), to heavy electro rock, blends elements of symphonic prog, metal and ethnic among others! Comparisons have been made to Kate Bush and Tori Amos, but there is so much here that can be said about influences: I can hear the pop side of Paradise Lost (opening track) and Florence and the Machine at the same time, Mandylion-era The Gathering (Banned by the Deep) and all the beauty of symphonic prog in the simple, yet moving, I am the Pleasure, dominated by acoustic guitars. Add to the above the very smart use of violin, which is spot on and adds an element of grandeur to the project, and you end up with a very promising result.

The tracks have an average duration of 4 minutes and simple structure (possibly the only thing that might disappoint a hardcore prog fan) but this is counterbalanced by the life that has been injected into them. A great promise for Greek progressive music, and in making it appeal to wider audiences.

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