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by on January 18, 2019 in Metallia reviews

Keishiro Maki from Japan is an administrator on Progarchives for the Avant, Crossover & Neo Teams. On his bio on Progarchives he mentions:

Music, delicious whisky or Japanese sake, and gracious natural water are my elixir of life.

His way of life intermingles words of music with fine drinks. In this review, rare fine spirits (the eclectic Greek drink Retsina and even a fine red wine exclusively produced from Xinomavro variety of grapes from the northwestern city of Naoussa) that he knows of—even in the far reaches of Japan—is astounding.

He says of “Metallia”:

Another epochmaking one for me. Actually, this is my first OH.’s creation, that rings my bell. OH. aka Olivia HADJIIOANNOU is a brilliant multi-instrumentalist and composer hailing from Greece ‘a dream nation’ for me. Do hope I will make a Retsina toast with her. 😉

Cheers Keishiro! One day you never know, we can have that Retsina toast in Greece if the Fates allow 🙂

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Keishiro Maki is an administrator on Progarchives.  On ProgArchives he is on the Avant, Crossover & Neo Teams. He has written over 570 reviews and over 11,000 forum posts on the ultimate progressive rock music website since 2008.

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