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by on September 16, 2018 in Metallia reviews

Kev Rowland, special collaborator on the Cross-over prog team on Progarchives, has written a wonderful review on about “Metallia“.

Kev is one of the most prolific reviewers with an incredible 1227 written reviews. What dedication, strength of spirit and love he must have to have supported so many bands who are not covered by mainstream press in the progressive underground.

I especially like his analogy to the ‘washing machine’ where he says:

“Time signatures change, bombastic elements come in and out, and it really feels like the listener is being swept along in a maelstrom, or being put inside a washing machine when it is at full pelt.”

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Kev RowlandKev Rowland

From 1990 – 2006 he ran over 80 editons of Feedback fanzine in the UK, writing about bands that were never covered in the mainstream press, many of whom were in the progressive underground. He wrote the newsletter for Freewill, got gigs for Credo and wrote the introduction to Galahad’s OCMDII compilation. He contributes to the French progzine Acid Dragon, and also wrote for the infamous Rock ‘n’ Reel, as well as the Ghostland website.

He is writing a book of all of his progressive reviews from Feedback to be published in three volumes by Gonzo Media.

All his reviews appear in the hard copy UK fanzine Amplified (still going after 30 years), and are also submitted to the weekly e-magazine Gonzo, as well as on the website for Firebrand radio – Framemusic.

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Kev Rowland Metallia
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