Review of Oh.’s “Metallia” on Jupiter Variation
by on September 1, 2018 in Metallia reviews

This is a review from a music blog called Jupiter Variation. This review may sound a bit more about what it is not than what it is. I’m not sure if the author is Greek or not, but this is a very Mediterranean approach to explain what something is. Like the “drawing negative space technique”, used by an artist to depict the space the subject does not occupy in order to reveal its form.

He writes:

That said, I have never enjoyed a Joe Satriani or Steve Vai album in my life (names taken indicatively)…actually in my personal collection of more than 4.000 vinyl records and CD’s you can find less than 10 instrumental albums overall. Harsh statements but necessary in order to emphasise how much I liked Metallia

An excellent example of how instrumental guitar albums can still sound inspired and interesting.

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