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by on May 28, 2015 in reviews

Thank you Rinco for the wonderful review in Progpraat

Translation (Google Translate)

From Greece comes the progressive rock and metal of OH. ‘OH’ stands for Olivia Hadjiioannou, who takes care of the guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. And how.


Great tasteful pounding instrumental rock. Can not compete with sirtaki. Fully instrumental? Ah, here and there you hear the voice of Mrs. OH, but compared to the amount of notes that she emits instrumentally about you, that should not have a name. In the title track ‘Synemotion’ she does a bit more vocally.

Given the title of some songs, Olivia is not only occupied with music, the track ‘World Of Warcraft’ also betrays other hobbies. Excellent combination with this top music.

OH. has explored with this album what she is capable of as a multi-instrumentalist. Emotions of flight behavior (‘Run Away’), aggression (‘Rumpus’) and even more clearly perceptible expressions in music fall perfectly in place on ‘Synemotion’, an album that came as a wonderful surprise to me, especially since I did not was familiar with the music of this graceful lady who can also make a damn good music.

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