OH. – Beckoning (Official Music Video) [Hard Rock Metal]

OH. shredding electric guitar….on the original hard rock and metal song, “Beckoning” from the “Synemotion” album.

OH.’s official music video for “Beckoning” from the metal album “Synemotion”

The album Synemotion, is a journey through the complex emotional states we experience when we are overwhelmed by concerns and fears – escapist feelings in the song, “Run Away”, anger and frustration in “Rumpus” – wanting to cower and hide in “Subterfuge” – longing and nostaglia in “Elegy” and the experience of disappointment and let-down in the song “Deception”. Finally, letting go and receiving the feeling in the song “Reception” – and the awareness and sensation of irony knowing it will all start over again in the “World of Warcraft”.

The title track, “Synemotion” expresses in words this entire journey from pain and fear to release and hope. But most importantly the song uncovers how we cope with pain, fear, disappointment, depression, embarrassment and futility, it uncovers what actually happens to us, when we are overwhelmed by experience, and with a strange twist of perception, gifts the listener a path out of the darkness and despair, into an even more compelling and complex palette of emotions and sensations. The song gives hope and strength to walk through life even with wounds and disfigurement and have an even greater experience than before.

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Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals – OH.
Music, lyrics, recording and mix – OH.
Video concept, production and editing – OH.

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