OH. - Progressive Rock and Metal Music
Finding the right path

Truth sometimes can be very frightening, as is change… especially when we are given no other choice but to face

April 18, 2013
OH. - Progressive Rock and Metal Music

We are all wrapped in our own conclusions, a logical fallacy, keeping our nuts and bolts tightly screwed in the

April 3, 2013
OH. - Entitlement

People make demands out of an exaggerated self-opinion or self-pity after hypothetically knowing life’s inconsistency and peoples ambiguity… It’s not

March 26, 2013
OH. - Unending Battles
Life… an unending battle

The “world” as we call it is an integration of discordant energies which can never be “confined”. Yet, our everyday

March 22, 2013
OH. - Photography
Betrayal of oneself

With so many reasons to live… come so many reasons to strive. There are many reasons for a person to

March 22, 2013
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