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“Love Will Heal is the epic new single from NYC artist, OH. Built from a singular studio session that led to self analysis and discovery, this track is a moving, soul touching work from a masterful artist. Deep, dark and compelling, This is another must have from a superlative talent.” ~ Prevrat – Floorshime Zipper Boots

“Reviewing an eclectic artist such as OH., is a particularly daunting task, simply because she moves within an enormous contrast of genres. How do you pinpoint an artist that plays screaming lead guitar on epic, progressive rock, instrumental tracks like “Run Away”, the one moment, and then sings gentle, sublime, piano-driven ballads like “Love Will Heal”, the next?

Or rather, how do you describe Joe Satriani and Tori Amos in the same breath? Well, if anything else, for one thing you can say that they’re both super-talented, creative souls! And that is exactly what OH. is!

What I love most about “Love Will Heal”, is even in its simple accessibility, the lyrics are still complex and thought provoking taking the listener through powerful emotions. This track will get you from the first couple listens and it will eventually seep into your brain and somewhere along the line, it will grab you and never let go.” ~ Buddy Nelson – Jamsphere

OH. – A Bombshell

“Behind the initials of OH stands Olivia Hadjiioannou, a young multi-instrumentalist living between New York and Athens. After a first EP in 2013, widely appreciated by critics, OH is back with the album “Synemotion” which is “a journey through the complex emotional states that we experience.”

For OH, each title has a message that is little experience listening to the vibrations and sensations that dominate in each instrumental parts.

The escape and open spaces in “Run Away” with rage “Rumpus” treachery and falsehood with “Subterfuge” the passage of time, and love for “Elegy,” the feeling of dissatisfaction of “Deception”, redemption and self-acceptance “Receiving”, “World of Warcraft” the conscience of a world without end, the call to life “Beckoning” and to close “Synemotion” the song that gives the name to this album, we passed through the whole range of our feelings.

This album is an excellent surprise , the rock / progressive metal of OH., is original, inspired, technical, punctuated with amazing breaks.

This almost completely instrumental album of nine songs (a few words and choirs in “Deception” and “Reception and OH narration in” Synemotion “) shows us an OH comfortable on her guitar, it’s simple, there is everything on this album: melody, rhythm, and yet more unstructured passages.

Few technical demonstrations that could tire, short, concise pieces, impeccable virtuosity and sensitivity.

You’ll understand this disc is a rock concentrate of Progressive metal as we love it.

Take the time to listen and see this album is a bombshell to the world of guitar!

Furthermore the album art is beautiful … .. The videos too!” ~

OH. Yes!

Providing proof positive for all time that Greek women rock, here is OH. with a tune from her 2015 album Synemotion. ~ Jon DavisExposé


(Self Release) Reviewed 16th April 2015

OH. (aka Olivia Hadjiioannou) is a young multi instrumentalist and by all accounts is going to be the new Prog-Rock sensation. In October of 2008, as an amateur violinist and guitarist she left her home town of Athens in Greece for New York, on the verge of the deepest economic crisis in both countries. Through the mirk and mire of lack of opportunity and the mass frustrations of her “lost generation”, she taught herself drums, bass and keyboards, experimented with sound engineering on Logic Pro and Cubase, mixed and mastered her own songs. OH.’s debut album ‘Sleeping World’ was independently released in February 2013, while this her second and mainly instrumental album is scheduled to be released as a Double 12″ Gatefold vinyl album and digital album on April 24, 2015. The songs on the new album journey through the complex emotional states we experience when we are overwhelmed by concerns and fears – escapist feelings in the song ‘Run Away’, anger and frustration in ‘Rumpus’ – wanting to cower and hide in ‘Subterfuge’ – longing and nostaglia in ‘Elegy’ and the experience of disappointment and let-down in the song ‘Deception’. Finally, letting go and receiving the feeling in the song ‘Reception’ – and the awareness and sensation of irony knowing it will all start over again in the ‘World of Warcraft’. The hard rockin’ title track expresses in words of Olivia this entire journey from pain and fear to release and hope. But most importantly the song uncovers how we cope with pain, fear, disappointment, depression, embarrassment and futility, it uncovers what actually happens to us, when we are overwhelmed by experience, and with a strange twist of perception, gifts the listener a path out of the darkness and despair, into an even more compelling and complex palette of emotions and sensations. The song gives hope and strength to walk through life, even with wounds and disfigurement and have an even greater experience than before. Lots of instrumentation on this album – and it is damn awesome too from this young lass. The haunting vocals of Olivia first appear on fourth track ‘Deception’, still mainly an instrumental however, with the girl proving that she can shred it too. Everything on this album is done by Olivia except the mastering, what a talent! And another thing I notice, the tracks are fairly short and sweet, between 3 & 4 minutes, so no long potentially boring solos. Check out the videos to the title track here and the opening track from the album ‘Runaway’ here … well recommended when released 24th April .. 8.5/10 ~ Dave SmithRavenheart Music


Η progressive rock/metal καλλιτέχνης ΟΗ. παρουσιάζει δύο singles τα “Runaway” και “Synemotion” από το επερχόμενο βινύλιο και ψηφιακό της άλμπουμ “SYNEMOTION”, το οποίο θα βγει στις 24 Απριλίου 2015. Τα singles και οι προ-παραγγελίες για την ψηφιακή λήψη του άλμπουμ, καθώς και την περιορισμένη έκδοση του διπλού βινυλίου, είναι διαθέσιμα τώρα στο iTunes και στο Bandcamp.

Το δεύτερο άλμπουμ της OH είναι ένα ταξίδι στο progressive metal, με σκληρά κιθαριστικά riff, έμψυχες ακουστικές, μελωδικά σόλο και ένα συναισθηματικά εμπλεκόμενο ομώνυμο κομμάτι Synemotion.

Το SYNEMOTION είναι ένα ταξίδι μέσα στις σύνθετες συναισθηματικές καταστάσεις που βιώνουμε όταν έχουμε κυριευτεί από ανησυχία και φόβο. Αισθήματα φυγής στο τραγούδι “Run Away”, θυμού και ματαιότητας στο “Rumpus”- να δειλιάσεις και να κρυφτείς στο “Subterfuge”- λαχτάρας και νοσταλγίας στο “Elegy”, και το βίωμα της απογοήτευσης και της παραίτησης στο τραγούδι “Deception”. Τέλος, το να τα αφήνεις όλα και να δέχεσαι το συναίσθημα στο “Reception” και η επίγνωση και αίσθηση της ειρωνίας γνωρίζοντας ότι όλα θα ξαναρχίσουν πάλι στο “World of Warcraft”.

Το ομώνυμο τραγούδι “Synemotion”, εκφράζει με λέξεις ολόκληρο το ταξίδι από τον πόνο και τον φόβο, στην απελευθέρωση και την ελπίδα. Αλλά πιο σημαντικό, το τραγούδι αποκαλύπτει πως αντιμετωπίζουμε τον πόνο, τον φόβο, την απογοήτευση, την κατάθλιψη, την αμηχανία και την ματαιοπονία. Μας αποκαλύπτει τι πραγματικά μας συμβαίνει όταν έχουμε κατακλυσθεί από την εμπειρία, και με ένα περίεργο γύρισμα της αντίληψης, δωρίζει στον ακροατή ένα μονοπάτι έξω από το σκοτάδι και την απελπισία, προς μια ακόμη περισσότερο έντονη και σύνθετη παλέτα συναισθημάτων και αισθήσεων. Το τραγούδι δίνει ελπίδα να προχωρήσει κανείς στη ζωή του, ακόμη και με πληγές και παραμορφώσεις και να έχει ένα ακόμα μεγαλύτερο βίωμα από πριν. ~

Olivia Hadjiioannou is the multi-instrumentalist OH. This lady knows how to rock and shred on the six string and it does not stop there. She composes all of her work and plays bass, drums and keyboards and sings.

Synemotion is her second release. Sleeping World was her first release two years ago; I remember how it got my attention immediately. My expectations were sky high for the new release. I know I should not place expectations upon an artist but when you respect the artist and love what you heard the first time you ever listened it’s hard not to look forward to something new and exciting.

OH was kind enough to send me the limited edition 2 LP set. There were 300 copies produced and only a few are left if you are interested in being one of the select people in the world to own this collectable slice of metal. I was expecting progressive metal but what I got was flat out metal tracks. While diverse and a showcase for the talent of this artist it simply did not sound progressive as I know it. It is however progressive in other ways such as what drove the artist to create the music in the first place, relating it all to the human condition and the choices we have. The artwork is eye catching to be sure and the LP set is beautifully packaged. Music is whatever you want it to be so listen and make your choice and or categorization.

According to the artist the album Synemotion is a journey through the complex emotional states we experience when we are overwhelmed by concerns and fears. I like the premise on which this music was created and that means a lot to this listener.

OH composes, performs, records and mixes all her tracks and does it all very well. Most of the tracks include very heavy fat power chords with sharper more pin point riffs sandwiched in between. Anyone that is into guitar virtuoso types of music will love this release. Some of the tracks I found exhilarating and others interesting but in the end an appreciation for the overall talent this artist brings to the table. You can count on some amazing six string runs throughout this listen.

The first two tracks are at a lightning fast pace and I really enjoyed them then after that things get a little more complicated. Depending on your taste you will find something to enjoy if you are into guitar based music without vocals. I liked the way “Runaway” and “Rumpus” kicks things off on Side A but by the time I got to side C it was starting to sound like organized confusion if you will (like life can be sometimes). I know that sounds negative but it is not that way. I am merely interpreting what I am hearing and trust me it’s all good. This approach and the way the compositions come together are very purposeful and it all makes a musical statement that matches the title of each track. When I gave Side D a spin “Beckoning” provided more of the variety that I heard previously and some hard and fast then slower more delicate moments that showed how diverse this artist can be. As a point of interest for musicians, her guitar was tuned at A=444Hz (C=528Hz) for “Synemotion,” “Runaway,” “Rumpus,” “Deception” and “World of Warcraft.”

The title track “Synemotion” finalizes the album with OH’s voice narrating all of the words listed on the inside sleeve of the album. It is prolific and it can be a life changing message if you truly digest it and own it. I found it interesting that it ended the album rather than open it up. It makes you pay more attention to the music then decide what it all means at the end for you the listener.

There are a lot of things to appreciate with OH and I will look forward to future projects. This is one more step to the next level for an artist that will continue to get more attention with each subsequent release. She has my utmost respect for such a huge accomplishment. I know it was labor of love and it shows. ~ Keith “MuzikMan” HannaleckMuzikMan Productions

With the world’s population over seven billion, it’s a reasonable assumption that there must be a few million bands around the planet. Judging by what appears in my inbox, approximately 80% of them play progressive metal. And judging by what they sound like, the majority of them have the same guitarist. That guitarist is not Olivia Hadjiioannou.

Although what she does could generally be called prog-metal and her playing does, in fact, shred, she’s got something of her own that sets her apart from legions of [insert your least favorite metal guitarist’s name here] clones. Not only that, but she handles all the other instruments herself, and does a bang-up job of it (sounding a far-cry from the sterile sound that most one-(wo)man bands end up with).

Synemotion is mostly instrumental, with guitar being the dominant instrument; there are some good keyboard parts, mostly in a supporting role, and violin even shows up in a few places. Electronic sounds are woven into the fabric, though not obtrusively. There is occasional respite from the pounding rhythms, as on the first half of “Elegy,” where acoustic guitar and atmospheric electronics set a melancholy mood, and the title track, which sets a moody keyboard behind a spoken narration. And some of her lead guitar parts steer away from lightning runs and dive-bombing whammy bar to give us some freaky long tones with interesting effects.

For me as a listener, super-chunky metal rhythm guitar parts are like swearing: the less you use them the more impact they have when you do. On the whole, it’s an impressive effort, and while there’s a bit too much chugging for my sustained enjoyment, it’s clear that OH. is a significant talent, sure to impress again. ~ Jon DavisExposé

OH.,or Olivia Hadjiiouannou is a Greek multi-instrumentalist (acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals) and visual artist. Being the daughter of a Greek chemistry teacher and part time musician, and an American mother who is a writer and graphic artist, she had been exposed to arts and music all her life. She taught herself to play multiple instruments and how to record and produce music.

Up to now, this has led her to this second album Synemotion, which is a concept that goes beyond the music. Synemotion is the word she coins for the ‘synesthesia of senses and feelings’ – the way the human spirit meets its highs and lows.

OH. defines her music as progressive rock and metal – and listening to this album that is probably the best fitting moniker. The album, which is instrumental except for the title track, is filled with heavy riffing, melodic lead guitar and supporting layers of keyboard. All of these, as well as bass and drums, are played by Olivi a herself. Different feelings and emotions are expressed in her music, from the escapism in the opening track Run Away (with the final drums really sounding like running away), via anger and fear in the slightly faster Rumpus to nostalgia in the Elegy. The latter starts fittingly with a clean guitar and a relatively laid back lead guitar. Best build up for me personally is Deception, which has an acoustic intro, as the soothing voice of the deceiver, who shows his real face in the raw riffs at the end.

All of this only makes sense if as a listener you are aware of what the album is about- on superficial listening, it is just another metal album, albeit very well played. Once you read the background of the album online, or the lyrics to the spoken word title track, the music gets a different meaning. That, combined with the videos that are being put online for various tracks ( Run Away and Synemotion itself) make this into a real multiple art package.

Not for the faint hearted, nor for those who don’t like metal – but definitely a piece of progressive art by a very talented young woman. ~ Angelo HulshoutBackground Magazine

“Out of Athens, Greece, comes a precocious young, creative, female multi-talented musician to add some spice into your record collection. OH (Olivia Hadjiioannou) recorded it herself and plays all the instruments, including drums, bass, keyboards, and vocals, but most notably brooding and evocative electric guitar on this record.

Synemotion is a mostly instrumental progressive metal album, a concept record based on exploring the diverse emotional states humans experience when they are burdened by fear and worry. The gorgeously packaged double vinyl record is a worthy addition to any collection. The heavy music is powerful and explosive, and OH truly leads you on an emotional journey.

Starting off with Run Away, the listener is transported by the driving instrumental into being reminded of why we withdraw into ourselves when we are in pain, shutting ourselves off from the loved ones around us. Rumpus continues that theme, a groovy rocking tune that really showcases OH’s chops as a guitarist. The next several tracks follow that lead, driving progressive instrumental music that follows an emotional roller coaster. The song Deception, one of my favorites, starts slowly with an acoustic guitar and hand drums, before blowing up into a powerful metal anthem, interspersed with strings and tight guitar riffage.

All the songs are quite interesting, although the album is short – only 37 minutes long (and may have more conveniently fit on one vinyl record – but then again, double albums are cool!). Most hard rock instrumental music seems a bit naked without vocals, and this album has moments of that. However, the tracks are fairly short and the music diverse enough that they never devolve into the monotony that some instrumental albums plod under.

That said, the title track packs the largest punch on the strength of the spoken word vocals. The song synchronizes the emotional journey into something tangible and accessible, and you get to hear a bit more of OH’s gorgeous voice which she highlighted in her 2013 debut, Sleeping World. When you know someone can sing, but yet they eschew that for the larger vision, which is to wring emotion out of the listener on the strength of the music alone, that takes courage and confidence.

I told you OH was precocious and creative. She’s also strikingly beautiful, as one can experience in her sensual and artistic music videos that accompany this release (check out the track Run Away on Youtube: ( OH is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. With her talent, vision, and drive, she is definitely going to make a name for herself in the music world. ~ DaveVirtuosity

“Olivia Hadjiioannou erfährt Ereignisse als Sounds, Sounds als physisch spürbare Emotionen, Synästhesie als Quelle der Komposition, Die in Athens und NYC beheimatete Autodidaktin spielte auch für Ihre zweite VO nach “Sleeping World” (2013), alle Instrumente selber ein, nahm auf und mischte. Aif den Einsatz ihrer Stimme, von den Kritikern des Debuts gefeiert, hat sie diesmal fast ganz verzichtet: “This album wanted to be as it is.” Die zehm im Kanon Progressiven Rocks von der Gitarre transformierten Geschichten in alternativen bis soundtrackartigen Arrangements drehan sich em eine alltägliche wie grundlegende Entscheidung: Auf-und- wider stand oder Aufgabe und Flucht? Wondervolle Melodien und der stetige Fluss durch komplexe Raume erregen mistreißende, Stimmungen und Gefühle; mal Hängematte, mal Nagelbrett, aber immer voller Hoffnung”

Translation in English:

“Olivia Hadjiioannou experiences events as sounds, sounds as physically perceptible emotions, synaesthesia as the source of her compositions. At home in Athens and NYC the autodidact plays all instruments by herself and is responsible for recording, mixing and mastering of her second album after “Sleeping World” (2013), also completely done by herself. This time she almost fully renounced the use of her voice, a voice that was unanimous acclaimed by the critics of her debut: “This album wanted to be as it is.” The ten stories in the canon of progressive rock, transformed by the guitar in alternative to soundtrack-like arrangements concerning the ordinary and vital decision: insurgence and resistance or surrender and abscondence? Wonderful melodies and the constant flow through complex spaces stimulate impassionate moods and emotions; sometimes hammock, sometimes bed of nails, but always full of hope.” ~ Peter “Brutus” HabermannDEAF FOREVER

OH. or rather Olivia Hadjiioannou and for those who do not know her, it’s time to learn about the talented Miss Olivia. To give you a first impression: she’s a symphonic progressive rock singer / songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, based in Athens and New York’s, Manhattan. In 2008, she won a scholarship for a sound system, then gathered and settled in New York. Early 2013 she released her first album titled, “Sleeping World”, which is influenced by and / refers to the economic crisis. That same year she participated in the international music competition, BEAT100 with the song “Trials” from this album. With about 20,000 views, the song received over 4000 votes and won first place.

She returned this year with his second complete work: “Synemotion”. A progressive rock album with 10 for the most part instrumental pieces-. A album-journey through thoughts and feelings. Escape, anger, frustration, fear, longing, nostalgia, futility, disappointment, abandonment, awareness, irony … where the only words … are notes …and finally comes the title piece “Synemotion” to redeem it, give your hope again. Let me show you the way. The only piece on the album containing lyrics takes you by the hand and after having crossed the path from fear to hope, shows you how to move forward even if the wounds are such that they have disfigured your soul.

It is well worth spending about 40 minutes of your time to take this journey, with the talent of this 25 year old Greek-American. With lots of music, with few but essential words, and with originality. Something tells me that we will soon be hearing again about her even larger (music) plans … ~ Elias “DEMON” PapazoglouHard Music

Progressive Metal (OH. is the moniker for Greek born guitarist/composer Olivia Hadjiioannou who favors impassioned shredding and hard-driving songs along with some really powerful progressive vocal numbers. She’s quite a talent and, at least on the video for Run Away, does not have a problem featuring her extremely fit physique!) ~ Prog Metal Zone

I love the mood this song sets in the beginning by having a subtle voice talk to the listener to get them pumped up for the beast uncaged that is this song. This song is pretty energetic when the song actually starts and all the drums and guitars get in this song. For these awesome reasons, and the beat I rate this song a good old fashioned 10:10
Rating: 10

This song had such a poignant start to it. It started with a very exciting yet mysterious voice audio. While the arrangement slowly built up its sound, the vocal continued talking through the song. While this was technically not a song but a reading. The vocal had such a hypnotic voice that just made you want to listen . It then started playing some loud hard rock music which was superb. It would get you all hyped up with the music. It then would then have the vocal then calm you down with her tantalizing voice. This song would be great for commercial production.
Rating: 9

The beginning of the music has a good guitar sound that reminds me of great ancient tunes perhaps similar to a robin hood. The woman’s voice is beautiful and her narration is great. The noises in the background are enjoyable and the sudden parts of music which are heavy rock are amazingly entertaining to me. The song really can take over my brain. The interceding guitar come and show me extra enjoyment even more.
Rating: 9

A low and slow strum of a single guitar starts. A female sings about life and love in a soft and willowy voice. Her voice is clear and slightly rugged. A guitar and drums grind then. The band notes swirl. It is a song good for a movie clip or it is good for a video game song. I may recommend the song as it becomes a hard rock song with good beat.
Rating: 9

The beat was catchy and I love the guitar in the beginning. The voice is very intriguing and has a smooth flow which makes you want to hear more. Also I love the combination between the soft, smooth voice with the soft rock in the background. I really loved the message in the song though. Very thoughtful words and makes the listener thinks. However I was expecting there to be singing at some point in the song. I was waiting for that moment and in my opinion, that would have been an explosive moment in the song.
Rating: 8

There is definitely a story being told here, sounds a little like a theme song for a movie. Her words create an image in the mind, the beat creates a bit of a horror scene. Its a bit different for me. I can see this song being a soundtrack for a new hit movie.
Rating: 8

This track reminds me of something you’d experience in an anime movie – there is a voice-over spoken word track on top of electronic/techno-like musical and computer-generate instrumentation, with some backup vocal sounds that sound like moaning or monks chanting. Then, it takes on some hard rock, maybe even heavy metal, guitar lines and bass lines. Very strange, yet very interesting. Maybe not what you’d expect to hear these days – and, definitely not something you’d hear on the radio – but, something fresh and different, if you’re looking to get into something a little experimental and nonstandard.
Rating: 8

The music is great love it. This song make you think about life and your choices, very good instrumental type of music if you like rock. I would give it a 8.5 out if 10
Rating: 8

A beautiful delicate introduction to the song. The vocals are soul soothing and a joy to listen to. The lyrics feel more impactful with the way you are putting them across. The melody of the song is stunning i love the way how it feels like it has two sides to it.
Rating: 8

This tune opens with a spoken word part set to some acoustic guitar. The drums kick in and then it develops into a tune with some hard rock elements, a quality electric guitar going on. There is pretty much a spoken word passage for the first part of the tune, some interesting guitar is played in the background. The feel of the tune is quality, it seems like some singing could improve the track though.
Rating: 7

I really like it! Its got a very unique sound to it! I loved the Latin guitar riff at the beginning that has a real sexy feel to the song. About 45 second into the song I was totally surprised by the heaviness, electric guitars and drums! I really liked how it but up. I also loved the poetic feel to what the speaker was saying. Felt more like a spoken word than a song but I think it really works for the style she is going for! Good job!
Rating: 7

Starts with some really nice acoustic guitar. When the lead female singer comes in she speaks like she is talking to you. It is very good and kind of different. The music is put together really well and the lyrics are strange but good. The guitar starts to jam in the background making it a more rock song as it goes on. It has a really good sound with a well put together tune. I think it is very good could use some polishing but I overall is very good
Rating: 7

A sad ballad of sorts. Low key and melodic. The singer’s vocals are a little too soft, don’t really go with the song. She doesn’t sing just talks with the music. She has a great voice just isn’t singing her lyrics. I like the epic drums and electric guitars and blend of the instruments used.
Rating: 7

A gentle guitar riff opens the track with a narrative from the vocalist. She gives a message about life and how one reacts to it. There are vocalizations in the background that enhance the melody. The background music is full of the colorful riffs of the electric guitar, pounding drums and bass This background music contributes greatly to the richness of the melody and the dramatic vocals.
Rating: 7

What you notice right off the back is a mellow playing guitar which sounds really good. The person that comes on following the guitar intro is dropping some deep knowledge on us. This must be one of those talking songs that are weird. The instruments in the song/talking thing come together at weird points but sound good. It’s like soft rock and hard rock at the same time. The lyrics are wisely chosen for this specific melody. The beat is alright it can be better the whole motivation song can be better. Thanks for the pump up song though.
Rating: 7

The song enters my ears with a calm melody and the blending on the artists voice calmly smooths my chilling sensation. The guitar add some type of suspense that makes me seem depressed. This type of music or song is pretty interesting although i prefer music that does not scream in my ears. I feel this piece of music has a chance of making into the market of this type of genre.
Rating: 7

“There is times in life we filled chased.” Nice little story before the song starts. That is unless the whole song is going to be in story form. I do like the way she talks in this, but do think I would like to hear some singing. I do like the way the guitar and drums pick up intensity and the way the story line is so dramatic. I again think they could sing on half the verses.
Rating: 7

The music was quite impressive, I liked the style of the electric guitar and the skill with which it was played. The music really has plenty of verve to it and flows really well in the song. There’s plenty of power to listen to, but also some nice lighter tones occasionally also. The vocals just consist of female speaking vocals, they were quite relaxing.
Rating: 7

The introductory instrumentals are soothing. That soothing tone of the piece is reinforced and contrasted at the same time by the artist’s speaking the lyrics rather than singing the lyrics. The message of giving up is highly disturbing, however, shattering the tranquil feeling the listener initially experiences with the introduction of the instrumentals. The struggle the artist is speaking of is evident in the arrangement of the piece. Initially, the piece has an almost acoustic sound, but as the artist begins describing the pain and despair experienced by so many people, the piece takes on a rock style. Nevertheless, the piece is haunting and disturbing, yet beautiful; very much similar to the life described by the artist.
Rating: 6

The beginning is very calm. In my opinion, the melody is tuneful and interesting, the vocals are rich and warm. The lyrics tell a story which the tune fits perfectly, I can see this one being popular! The artist is talented and creative to have come up with a song of this level. I would listen again. I recommend this song to everyone!
Rating: 8

Right off the bat, the intro has grabbed my attention with the use of a clean acoustic guitar. The voice over lay matches very well with the background music. The guitar solo harmonizes very well with the ambiance in the back. Music is clean and has a fantastic quality sound. Everything is on beat. The melody is something that I could actually listen and want to listen to more than once. The guitarist really knows the layout of his notes. Everything goes great together. Although, the drums could have added a little more in some places it seemed to flow very well with no drowning out the others.
Rating: 7

~Crowd ReviewsTunecore

“The Art of music personified….literally. This EP is truly progressive and I say this without any caveat. I have listened to this 24 minute, six track composition many times and still have found no valid comparison to anything I am familiar with. It was a difficult process to deliberately put aside the fact the Olivia Hadjiioannou plays each instrument, is responsible for all vocals, composed and produced everything including the video. I did this so that I could focus on the music only. In so doing, I was able to finally write this review.

The character and spirit of this remarkable young artist is evident in every moment of her debut EP. The vocals are so compelling and ethereal that they give me goosebumps. The emotion and raw talent that can be clearly heard throughout each and every track are unforgettable.

This EP is very insightful. It brings to light the socioeconomic issues in Greece (and the world) and it’s rippling effect on the hopes and dreams of young people everywhere. It is presented in a compelling, yet tongue-in-cheek way.

Some may find it too subtle to notice through the beauty of the music that there is a real message here. Perhaps as a sarcastic person myself… I quickly picked up on the political and social message contained within the magical music. It doesn’t come through as a diatribe and can easily be missed. Please consider taking the time to listen more than once and all the way through these six tracks.

Understanding the meaning may not be terribly important to all listeners and that is a non issue. I do not prefer any music that forces a listener to swallow the artists “message”. I will not give examples to be polite to these artists; however, it is like a breath of fresh air to be able to enjoy this message whether you agree or not. The seriousness of the issues never intrudes on the beauty of the music. It is also so expressive emotionally that I have found it difficult not to go back to again and again.

A track by track breakdown will not help anyone reading this so I will again remind you that you should use your “prog” heads… listen to it as a 24 minute piece as is normally expected for “prog” tracks instead of ignoring this debut based solely on the short length of each track. This is not pop, jazz, rock, blues or anything else, but OH. My dislike of pigeon holing is obvious. I believe it’s unfortunate that the industry still requires it. Whether it be for marketing or reviewing purposes.

“It is time to take down the walls around our hearts and minds”… is what I hear in the music and the soul behind it. I am actually much more hopeful about the future of music and society thanks to OH’s EP. I am so rarely uplifted and truly moved by music that I feel that I have received a gift that will stay with me forever.

As a musician and fan of music I feel obligated to discuss my opinions in that regard as well. It is apparent to me that OH has mastered each sound that you hear. Each tracks’ individual tracks are easy for a musical ear to separate in their head and from that perspective I can assure you that it is completely flawless. The vocal range and quality, the enchanting and varying guitar techniques, the fantastic rhythms and melodic bass riffs combine to make each track a musical journey. The use of 4/4 time proves to me that random time signature changes and funny noises are not what makes music progressive. “Prog” as it is labeled and thought of today has unfortunately become a desire to copy instead of to truly progress. Almost every “prog” artist wants to be the next [insert artist here], yet claims to be progressive. Even their own press is presented in a hypocritical and phony way ie: ‘so and so’s’ new CD is the best new prog album/artist ever … and in the same breath …. they are the next ‘such and such’ artist/group.

Although I too can play a plethora of instruments … I am still blown away when someone has truly mastered each one. If you can find a clear list of musical influences on OH’s EP then please tell me. Otherwise I will have to find a way to ask OH myself. As a fan I am interested, but if I had to guess.. I would say that OH has always loved to play music more than listening to it. She has not had the time to be influenced because she has never had the need to devour it. I believe that from a very young age… Olivia has managed to avoid most if not all of the mainstream influences. This is what the world needs more of. Young people who want to do something about real world issues as opposed to complaining about and accepting the status quo. It is my hope that we will hear much more from OH very soon and that others, both young and old, can follow in her footsteps so that the world can become a better place for all. ~ Scott BrownstoneAiir_Geezer on

According to her Facebook page OH (that’s Olivia Hadjiioannu in fact) is an alternative indie rock singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist who lives in both Athens, Greece and New York City. An indie artist that took the word “indie(independent)” to its hyperbole, she is self-taught in Logic Pro and guitar, bass, piano and violin. She performed, recorded, mixed and mastered the six tracks for her debut EP – Sleeping World and also produced and filmed her own music video clip, Trials in her studio.” She’s obviously a very talented young lady and this is very much evidenced throughout Sleeping World.

She’s also not the happiest bunny in the world either. The six songs on the EP deal with the way in which her generation has been sold false promises and is forced to worship t the altar of false idols such as celebrities. She has a beautiful, pure voice and despite the “indie” tag mentioned earlier the production here is as classy and as big as the themes deserve. It’s decidedly possible that OH could well become a major star; such is the promise on this EP. Now, I must go and listen to “Forget It” constantly for the next couple of days. ~ Simon BraySea of Tranquility

Title: OH. Give Me More…

I first discovered this brilliantly talented Greek musician “OH” on one of my websites called Power of Prog. I was immediately drawn into her video Trials which is the opening track from her debut EP “Sleeping World”. Like a moth to a flame I was drawn in with her hauntingly beautiful voice and the epic sound of the music. I needed to know more… wanted to hear more. Fortunately, I discovered her bandcamp page where I seemed play her album over and over, no such thing as too much with this unbelievably talented musician. According to her bio she spends time between her home in Athens, Greece and New York obviously this provides her with a rich tapestry to add to her magical musical style.

I contacted Olivia immediately to let her know how much I thoroughly enjoyed her music and to find out more about her and her music. As it turns out “OH” is not a band at all it’s a one woman phenomenon. Olivia not only sings but also plays all the instruments on the EP as well as handling production and mixing duties. Let me tell you this is not an easy task for even the best and brightest but Olivia pulls it off like a well seasoned veteran.

In a nutshell, if you like quality music in the fashion of indie artist Happy Rhodes while at times, sounding like a cross between Kate Bush & Tori Amos as well as Magenta at times but with of a more gripping edge. If you’re looking for something new and refreshing than give this amazing lady a listen. This is first class cross-over prog at its best I highly recommend you check out “Sleeping World” by OH. ~ Nick KatonaPower of Prog

24 minutes is enough to understand that here we deal with a very talented individual, who not only composes and performs all her music by herself, but also arranges all aspects and produces the final result in a very professional manner. The statement is pretty clear: aSleeping World that needs to wake up before it’s too late.

The EP boasts of pure feelings and dynamism, projecting at the same time the enthusiasm of a young artist and the maturity of an accomplished composer with clear goals. Sleeping World, although immersed in a pool of generally accessible and mainstream pop prog music, displays moods of anger, rebellion and a sense of change, within the relatively simple but emotionally strong lyrics.

The biggest assets in this EP are Olivia’s diverse voice, who seems able to sing in any style, and the very careful and polished mixing and general production of the album, which in itself is a skill and lifts off Olivia’s compositions. Although constantly maintaining a mainstream character, the music itself ranges from pop (Trials, Forget It), to heavy electro rock, blends elements of symphonic prog, metal and ethnic among others! Comparisons have been made to Kate Bush and Tori Amos, but there is so much here that can be said about influences: I can hear the pop side of Paradise Lost (opening track) and Florence and the Machine at the same time, Mandylion-era The Gathering (Banned by the Deep) and all the beauty of symphonic prog in the simple, yet moving, I am the Pleasure, dominated by acoustic guitars. Add to the above the very smart use of violin, which is spot on and adds an element of grandeur to the project, and you end up with a very promising result.

The tracks have an average duration of 4 minutes and simple structure (possibly the only thing that might disappoint a hardcore prog fan) but this is counterbalanced by the life that has been injected into them. A great promise for Greek progressive music, and in making it appeal to wider audiences. ~ Thanos PatsosProg Archives

“Writing, arranging and producing everything herself, Olivia Hadjiioannou displays an enviable array of talents on this EP entitled “Sleeping World”. It doesn’t stop there, as she also provides vocals and plays all the instruments: guitar, bass and violin to name a few. You could be forgiven for thinking that stretching across so many facets would invariably lead to a weak point; it doesn’t. This is a terrific EP and hopefully the first of many releases from this artist.

Thematically the EP revolves around some of the struggles of modern life in our rapidly changing society. Olivia delivers the lyrics in a range of styles, from soulful and moody to strident and at times raw and unrestrained. And when she cranks it up, it’s verging on spine tingling.

In terms of instrumentation, there’s beautiful acoustic guitar and some great heavier riffing, and a smattering of smokin’ lead as well. There’s also a few catchy synth hooks, such as the one featured in “Have You Ever”, which is probably my favourite track. On this song Olivia ramps it up with some chugging distorted guitar and those amazing vocals. This is definitely one of the proggier tracks and also features some interesting percussion to add some flavour.

While there’s definitely plenty for prog fans to take away from this EP, there’s also no shortage of mainstream appeal and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are big things in store for OH.” ~ Mark HealyProg Archives

“This female, multi-instrumentalist from Greece has quite impressed me. Her debut EP “Sleeping World” is impressive from the start just because she wrote it, plays everything, sings, and produced it. She did it all herself, and so that is out of the ordinary.

However, the neat thing is: This EP is quite good. The artist, Olivia, has a great voice that she is not afraid to use in unconventional ways. She does things I never thought I’d hear a female vocalist do. On the other hand, the guitars have bite, the drumming is proggy, and the keys create a great ambiance and atmosphere. On top of that, there are wonderful melodies and some rather original song structures that I found tantalizing. This is a great prog album—no doubt about that. Not only does she do everything, she does everything WELL.

So, I hope to hear more from OH. I hope others check out this EP (it’s on Spotify), and I hope she gets some exposure. She’s done a great job of distinguishing herself.” ~ Second Life SyndromeProg Archives

This is the review in French:

Cette jeune artiste grecque, de son vrai nom Olivia Hadjiioannou, partage son temps entre son pays natal et les States. Sur son premier EP autoproduit, intitulé “Sleeping World”, elle nous offre 35 minutes d’une musique qui plonge aux racines du rock mélancolique et du prog’ metal symphonique pour un résultat éclectique et chaleureux qui s’emploie tout entier à servir la voix sublime de la belle demoiselle (dont le timbre évoque parfois ceux de Sharon Den Adel ou de Anneke Van Giesbergen). Cela dit, n’y cherchez ni expérimentation délirante ni emphatisme échevelé (exception faite peut-être de l’introduction du magnifique titre d’ouverture “Trials”). Passez donc votre chemin, amateurs d’envolées classisantes, de démonstrations techniques ébouriffantes, de lyrisme grandiose. Car Olivia, vous dis-je, est une honnête artiste sans prétention. Les grincheux et les snobs trouveront même les mélodies trop accessibles et les arrangements convenus…

Dommage pour eux. Cet EP possède en effet des tas de qualité. Tout d’abord, sa production est irréprochable, son relief sonore limpide et aérien et son mixage professionnel et résolument moderne (“Have You Ever”, aux faux airs de Within Temptation). Bon, mais la production n’est jamais que l’habillage de la musique. Un Mat Pokora bien produit restera un Mat Pokora…. Les six compositions gravées sur “Sleeping World” ont donc aussi à leur actif une cohésion irréprochable (le très dépressif “Banned By The Deep”, superbement mis en musique), de bons techniciens (bien que nullement démonstratifs) et une recherche mélodique réelle – et bien oui, une mélodie peut être accessible et recherchée, n’en déplaise aux puristes (le magnifique “Non-Exhistent Myth”).

Enfin, et par-dessus tout, OH possède un charme inexplicable qui défit l’analyse et dont par exemple le dernier Queensrÿche (celui de Geoff Tate, on s’y perd) est parfaitement dépourvu : c’est la fraicheur et la sincérité. Au fait, et si c’était l’essentiel?

This is a “rough” translation in English:

This young Greek artist, whose real name is Olivia Hadjiioannou, divides her time between her native country and the States. Her first self-produced EP, entitled “Sleeping World”, gives us 35 minutes of music that dives into the roots of melancholy rock and symphonic progressive metal for an eclectic and tender production whose entity serves the superb voice of the beautiful lady (whose timbre sometimes evokes those of Sharon Den Adel or Anneke Van Giesbergen).

That said, search not for feverish experimentation or complex emphasis (except perhaps the introduction of the magnificent opening “Trials” title), and walk on your way, amateurs of classifying bursts, of hair-raising technical demonstrations, of grandiose lyricism. For Olivia, I tell you, is an honest, unpretentious artist. The petulant and snobs alike may find the melodies too accessible and the arrangements conventional.

Too bad for them. This EP actually has many characteristics. First, the production is impeccable, its sound relief is transparent and thin as air and the mixing are professional and decisively modern (“Have You Ever” reminiscent of Within Temptation). Good, but the production is never just “dressing of the music”. A well produced Matt Pokora, remains Matt Pokora… The six compositions engraved on “Sleeping World” have to their credit an impeccable cohesion (the very depressing “Banned By The Deep”, beautifully set to the music), good technicals (although by no means demonstrative) and real melodic exploration – and yes, a melody can be approached and explored, no offense to purists (the magnificent “Not Existent Myth”).

Finally, and above all, OH has an inexplicable charm that defies analysis and like for example, the last Queensryche (that of Geoff Tate, who is inexplicable) is perfectly free of the superfluous in freshness and sincerity. In fact, isn’t that the most essential? – ~ Bertrand PourcheronClair & Obscur

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