Review of Oh.’s “Metallia” by Henric van Essen on Dutch Metal Maniac
by on September 26, 2018 in Metallia reviews
Dutch Metal Maniac

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Henric van Essen of Dutch Metal Maniac reviewed “Metallia”. He has an awesome quote on his bio page:

Never be afraid to wander off the beaten track and once you do, make sure you take more than a few steps. Music has way more to offer you than wherever your current path takes you.

It means a lot when a reviewer – who has listened to “a gazillion bands” says:

I normally hesitate comparing bands to other bands, simply because I think that comparing in some way devalues the effort and work of said band, but even if I wanted to this time, I simply couldn’t. I’m sure you can come up with more than a handful of bands whose influence is to some extent audible in Olivia’s music, but that does not change the fact she has developed a musical style of her own, which can best be placed in the utmost corner of extreme prog metal.

He also says:

This, of course, limits her potential audience because the highly complicated prog she composes is pretty much an acquired taste that is not appreciated by all metal fans. However, the metal fans that do appreciate this will go bananas when they hear this.

That’s a great confirmation. Thank you Henric and Tim and the rest of the team at Dutch Metal Maniac

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Oh. and go “bananas” and get Metallia here.

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