The Making of the Video “I’m in Love”: After Effects, Cinema 4D and Envato
by on August 5, 2017 in I'm in Love tech

As you read in a previous post, we initially wanted to create a video clip for the single, “I’m in Love“, with a style transfer using artificial intelligence, you can see some examples in the post, How We Tried to Use Artificial Intelligence on a Music Video.

Since we were running out of time and close to the release deadline, we visited Envato’s Videohive and collected a nice selection of video clips and animation clips for After Effects.

What initially inspired us though was watching an After Effects tutorial on Vimeo called, Crystal Ball Ident. The tutorial presented how to create a smoke effect inside a crystal ball in Cinema 4D.

The concept of smoke in a crystal ball went really well with the cover of the single for I’m in Love and the WebGL promo page we already made. The cover for the single was created in February using the Smoke Effect from Envato Elements and a photo from a photo shoot in February 2017.

Originally the dancing sequences you can see from the AI style transfer version of the video clip were shot in front of a green screen.

But we decided to use some test footage I shot while practicing the song in front of a mirror in the bathroom with close-ups. It was a work of love for our dev (Tima V.) to rotoscope every single frame.

All the video footage in the clip was shot with a Panasonic HC-V180

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