Music Production: Original Sounds vs. Preset – The Beauty of Human Error
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Drum Cardboard box - Olivia Hadjiioannou - Oh.

Music Production:

Using various objects in your production in order to create a sound or rhythm can give a unique texture to your music. In the song, “I’m in Love”, for example, I used the cardboard box above for the drums.

After playing a few measures of that sound, you can either create a loop or just record yourself playing live for the entire song, depending on the circumstance.

When you are creating a song, sometimes you have the entire song in your head from the beginning — at other times you have only the sound… and sometimes just a melody.

If your initial inspiration appears as a certain sound or texture ‘in your head’, you might want to avoid using preset sounds. If you start with the preset sounds you might ‘sell-out’ to them because even those sounds might help you get down your composition faster, your original inspiration might get lost. I prefer to try to create the sound first I have in my head before I start to create the song if possible. Starting from scratch with a “original sound” texture.

I don’t just press a key on the midi. I record myself playing the instrument/box/bottle to create the sound for the song. While I’m playing it live, I feel it, and that feeling translates to the sound.

Even though you can make a song “technically perfect” – using preset sounds, a metronome etc etc, that isn’t what really interests me the most. It’s the “energy” that is more important. Preset sounds don’t give the dynamic my hand or my foot gives — the small mistake I will make. It’s that small human error, like one foot pressing down less on the boot, that gives a special dynamic. The music then becomes a part of one’s life.

A computer can probably make the best and most technically perfect song on the planet, so there’s no meaning in creating musically what has already been done or can be done by a machine. I feel it is within the human error, you can find the perfection.

Original Sounds or Preset - Oh.

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