OH. – “Love Will Heal” [Indie Ballad] Featured on Hitplex Music Blog
by on August 28, 2015 in Features reviews

HitplexHitplex is a music blog and curation brand dedicated to helping music lovers appreciate great music and curate music with a purpose of helping artists stand out, and helping music lovers find and appreciate great music.

Chris Mundela is the curator and founder, he says about Hitplex:

“I was inspired to start this after continuing to see so many great songs go unheard and so many talented artists get overshadowed.”

Hitplex explores music outlets to find album hits and hidden gems. For catchy songs you don’t hear on the radio. From new releases to recent album tracks to lost singles from the past, their playlists feature a mix of familiar favorites and new hits.

Chris curates 2 playlists:

Pop Gems Curated For Fred Segal LAX
A playlist of hip and radio-friendly singles that never get old. It’s an eclectic selection of high-appeal songs aimed to evoke a universal music experience created exclusively for the new Fred Segal shop at LAX.

Urban Appeal

OH. featured on Hitplex in a new section “International Spotlight”

Hitplex - OH

Chris’ review on Fluence audition

Chris Mundela - Fluence - OH.

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