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I recently came across an awesome new and growing platform for musicians called HeadBangers LifeStyle.

Even though you might have a website, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Reverbnation or already be on Spotify and iTunes it always helps to have a bandpage in as many places as possible. The internet is a vast space and having a presence in various communities is very helpful for outreach. I was really impressed by Headbangers Lifestyle from the first load of the website because of it’s design and useability. As you can see you get a very beautiful and condensed bandpage and mini webshop which makes it easy for fans to not only find all your social media but also sell your merch, either on their platform through paypal or connected to where your merch already is being sold.

See what a clean, beautiful UI and easy interface – click here to check it out on HBLS

Headbangers Lifestyle

Headbangers LifestyleHeadBangers LifeStyle (HBLS) is an online global platform focussing on (rock and metal) music and the fashion and lifestyle that belong to that, using a website together with social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Based in the Netherlands we have contributors from all over the world, Amsterdam – New York – London – Melbourne – and more, who are keeping an eye on hypes and trends in music, fashion and lifestyle. Besides reviews, columns and written articles their main focus are filmed interviews. They distinguish themselves from other sites by looking for original perspectives. They are working together with record labels, promoters, venues, management companies and, most important, the artists directly. The list of bands, artists, tattoo artists, stylists, make up artists etc. they work with so far is growing fast. The people behind the platform are experienced musicians, journalists, record company employees and above all music lovers.

Headbangers Lifestyle on Facebook
Headbangers Lifestyle on Twitter
Headbangers Lifestyle on Instagram

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