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by on June 13, 2015 in articles DIYmusician Synemotion

Got an email from feedbands

“Hello OH.,
Congratulations! Your song, “Synemotion”, is now streaming on feedbands. We are incredibly selective in whom we approve, but we liked your song.

What’s next: The more people who vote on your song, the more it will get our attention for a vinyl pressing, so tell your fans to download our app for iPhone or Android and vote on your song!

Good Luck,
– The Feedbands Team


Feedbands from their “About”

“Feedbands is a crowd-sourced vinyl record company. Musicians submit their music and your vote helps determine who gets pressed to vinyl. Each month, subscribers to our service receive a first pressing of a vinyl record from an independent artist.

Our model is different from traditional record companies in that:

Artists keep all the rights to their music
We pay the artist up front when we press their record
We let our listeners from all over the world vote on who we should press next, via our apps

We at Feedbands believe that music is essential and should be shared. We also believe that musicians should be able to make a living without losing their artistic integrity.

Our mission is to provide rich, vibrant, independent music to the world in a way that supports our artists. We want to develop an arena, online and off, where musicians can come together to create, write, jam, express, perform, record, and share their music, and where music lovers of all kinds can find amazing new tunes and easily give back.”

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