OH. on the “The Prog Mill” with Shaun Geraghty on Progzilla progressive rock radio
by on July 7, 2016 in DJ's Radio

Thank you Shaun Geraghty of Progzilla Radio for playing OH. on your Podcast, “The Prog Mill” (edition 11 – broadcast on 3rd July 2016.

If you missed the show you can listen below…00:21. Shaun tells the story of how I sent him my music the moment he was stuck in the airport in Greece. He played “Banned by the Deep” from the “Sleeping World” album.

Wonderful show…

It was two hours of stunning music from Genesis, Airbag, OH, The Rube Goldberg Machine, Cromwell, Mindgames, Elephant Plaza, Tilt, Marillion, Camel, Erik Norlander, Seconds Before Landing, John The Baptist & The Second Coming and Sequential Dreams.

The Prog Mill can be heard on Progzilla Radio at 10pm UK time Sundays, and 0400 UK time Tuesdays.

Shaun-GeraghtyHost Shaun Geraghty has worked extensively in local radio in the Staffordshire area for stations including Stafford FM, Stone FM, Chase FM, County Show Radio, Smart Radio, and then Stafford Radio which became Windmill Radio.

In late 2011 he presented a progressive rock show at the station broadcast from a 220 year old windmill. The show became “The Prog Mill”. The initial idea of the show was to introduce prog to the local radio audience, not only by playing the obvious Floyd, Genesis and Yes tracks etc but to also introduce many of the newer bands plying their trade in today’s ever expanding progressive music scene. The show quickly gathered a worldwide audience and even though Windmill Radio (which Stafford Radio had become) closed, he brought the show to its new home at Progzilla Radio.

The Prog Mill is very much a listener led show, and concentrates where possible on the melodic and symphonic side or the genre. Listeners are invited to choose the shows playlist each week.

Facebook www.facebook.com/theprogmill
Twitter @shaunontheair.

progzillaProgzilla Radio is the UK’s first dedicated progressive rock radio network. Known as the “show that never ends” playing 365 days a year 24/7.

You can listen live on the website or on Tune.in. And join the chat on the website.

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