Review of Oh.’s “Metallia” by Vinny Iacocca on The Closet Concert Arena
by on October 4, 2018 in Metallia reviews
The Closet Concert Arena

What a wonderful review by Vinny Iacocca the author of the prog blog, The Closet Concert Arena.

He begins his richly illustrative review in such a wonderful conversational style, full of anecdotes and references to his vast experience in the “prog garden” he has tended since 2013.

October is here fellow progheads, so pile into The Closet Concert Arena as we take the search for all things prog up a notch (or two) and head into the home stretch of 2018! This week the journey circles back around to Greece to check in with a prog metal artist that has been attracting serious attention in the prog garden. Said garden is under-represented by women so when I hear of one tilling acreage in the metal section…well, that is a siren I cannot ignore…and welcome to the world of OH.

With top notes of Dream Theater and the intensity of Liquid Tension Experiment, Olivia takes the listener on a dark yet vivid journey that intersects the mind of Edgar Allen Poe and the imagination of Stephen Gammell.

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The Closet Concert Arena

The Closet Concert Arena
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