Oh. – Review from Marc Roy of ProGGnosis
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A delightful review from Marc Roy of ProGGnosis.

ProGGnosis is an extensive database of progressive rock, fusion artists and recording information such as discographies, reviews, performer credits and track listings.

ProGGnosis started out as Land Of Prog in December 1999 and became ProGGnosis in March 2000.  It is comprised of an international group of progressive rock & fusion fans with the vision of acquiring knowledge about prog bands and the music.

This awesome resource has: (from their website)

• A searchable database that allowed us to find bands by name and country.
• A way to say – “If you like ‘this band’ then you might want to try ‘this/these band(s)’
• Reviews that tell readers what kind of listener will like this album – not just the ravings of the reviewer’s personal taste. Essentially we were trying to avoid the “… ‘name your album’ is the ‘best/worst’ thing ever written or recorded since ‘Mozart/The Royal Guardsman’ walked the earth!’ syndrome.
• A way to search individual performers to see all the albums they appear on.
• A way to deepen genre applications beyond Prog and Prog Metal. Because we know that Van Der Graaf Generator were prog and it is nothing like Renaissance who were also prog.

Marc Roy’s review:

Check out ProGGnois,  the ultimate prog/fusion database here

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