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Simon Bray of Sea of Tranquility: an online webzine since 2001 featuring over 12,000 CD & DVD reviews, interviews, concert review, and news of all things heavy metal, progressive rock, hard rock, classic rock, and jazz fusion, wrote a wonderful review.

OH: Sleeping World

According to her Facebook page OH (that’s Olivia Hadjiioannu in fact) is an alternative indie rock singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist who lives in both Athens, Greece and New York City. An indie artist that took the word “indie(independent)” to its hyperbole, she is self-taught in Logic Pro and guitar, bass, piano and violin. She performed, recorded, mixed and mastered the six tracks for her debut EP – Sleeping World and also produced and filmed her own music video clip, Trials in her studio.” She’s obviously a very talented young lady and this is very much evidenced throughout Sleeping World.

She’s also not the happiest bunny in the world either. The six songs on the EP deal with the way in which her generation has been sold false promises and is forced to worship t the altar of false idols such as celebrities. She has a beautiful, pure voice and despite the “indie” tag mentioned earlier the production here is as classy and as big as the themes deserve. It’s decidedly possible that OH could well become a major star; such is the promise on this EP. Now, I must go and listen to “Forget It” constantly for the next couple of days.

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