Trials: a song for the world’s “lost generation”
by on March 15, 2013 in Press

Caught between the deep economic crisis’ in both Athens and New York; singer-songwriter OH. released her indie debut album, Sleeping World  and in particular the song Trials. The album’s hauntingly candid lyrics and music are a conscious and direct wake-up call to the frustrations of our crisis-laden youth in these trying times of austerity, lack of opportunity, wasted talent and false promises.  With irony and mocking sarcasm her performance reveals her “lost generation’s” total awareness of the futility of quick fixes (jobs with no future) and false idols (media’s portrayal of success and pop culture) – cutting to the root cause of our world’s self-destructive and power hungry motivation – which is unconsciousness of true values.

The album, Sleeping World is available on iTunes and Amazon MP3 and her video, Trials is on YouTube.

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