The Ultimate Album Release Checklist
The Ultimate Album Release Checklist

What Every Musician Should Do Before Releasing an Album or Single

Are you going to release an album or single in 2019? Want to make sure you did everything possible to have a successful launch?

  • save hundreds of hours of wading through dozens of books and blog posts.
  • a concise time-saving checklist with no commentary or fluff.
  • precise links and instructions.

Have no regrets you didn’t do everything possible. Level the playing field. Get a chance to get heard above the crowd. And most of all, save time so you can do what you love—making music.

The Ultimate Album Release Checklist

Your great music, an awesome recording and top of the line mixing and mastering is only part of the process.

  • For a new artist with no previous experience releasing an album or single— here is your roadmap.
  • For the established artist—here is a manual for your street team.
  • For the small independent label—here is a primer for your new staff.

There is a lot of digital paperwork to complete before distributing music. There are steps you must take to ensure you receive royalties and get reviews. There are sales tracking and monitoring platforms you need to submit to for the music charts.

In The Ultimate Album Release Checklist will find information about digital and physical distribution methods. How to get artists profiles on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. How to sign up for a PRO, get copyrights and collect royalties. Learn about sales tracking and Billboard music charts. How to set up preorders and the new Spotify Pre-saves and Apple Music Pre-adds. Tips on how to get a musician’s Knowledge Graph panel on Google’s search engine results page. And, some cool new growth hacking tools for musicians.



Band Name

1. Domain Name

2. Social Media Profiles


3. Hosting

4. Theme

5. Mobile Responsive

6. Google Webmaster Tools

7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

8. Speed Test

9. Knowledge Graph Panel for Musicians

10. Google Analytics

11. Start a mailing list

12. Alternative website builders

13. SoundCloud

14. Concert Listings

Press Kit

15. Photo shoot

16. Write your bio

17. Press Kit


18. License any cover songs

19. Copyright

20. Split Sheet

Performing Rights Organizations

21. Register with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO)

Specs, Files, Codes, Graphics

22. UPC and ISRC Codes

23. Audio

24. Graphics

25. Album Art


26. Digital Distribution

27. Going Live Times

28. Direct-to-fan sales

29. CDs and Vinyl

Royalty Collection

30. Register with SoundExchange

31. Music Reports

Sales Tracking & Music Charts

32. Register with SoundScan

33. Nielsen Broadcast Data System (BDS)

34. Mediabase

Music Metadata Recognition

35. Gracenote

36. AllMusic

37. Crowdsourced Music Databases

38. Review Aggregators

Artist’s Profiles

39. Google Play Music

40. Spotify

41. iTunes

42. Shazam

43. YouTube Official Artist Channel

44. Deezer


46. Lyrics

47. Submit Your Songs to Pandora

Before you Release

48. Preorders

49. Music Charts

50. Pre-save and Pre-Add

51. Publicity

52. Timing

53. Analytics



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