Interview Oh.’s “Metallia” on NewEars Prog Show on WEMF Radio
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On Saturday, September 15, 2018, Alan Baillargeon and his team on the NewEARS Prog Show that aired on WEMF Radio ? from 2PM to 4PM EST, played “Bee” and “Dragon’s Kiss” from the “Metallia” album as well as hosting a ?️ live interview with their team.

Some ‘behind the scenes” trivia about the show was that Alan suggested we use a landline for the interview. Long story short, even though I had a landline, I didn’t have a phone for it, so I went and purchased one a few hours before the show. While I was plugging it in near my guitar stand and joking around with a friend about buying a phone, I made a jingle and posted it on Facebook for fun. I really didn’t think Alan would play it on the show! (facepalm)

It was a great experience, great energy and awesome questions from the team. I apologize for investing in such a piece of junk phone, I could hardly hear the interview questions during the interview. So, I thank the team for jumping in there and filling in the lulls.

Other guests on the show were:

German Vergara from Aisles

Nad Sylvan from Steve Hackett

Playlist Show 118 - (9-15-18)

1. Steaming Pipes (Happy The Man) Crafty Hands

2. Club Hawaii (Aisles) Live from Estudio del Sur

3. Clouds Motion (Aisles) Live from Estudio del Sur

4. Ground Lift *NEW* (Soft Machine) Hidden Details

5. Tomorrow In Dark Waters *NEW* (Starfish64) The Future In Reverse

6. Bee (Oh.) Metallia

7. Dragon’s Kiss (Oh.) Metallia

8. Carry Me Home (Nad Sylvan) Courting the Widow

9. Where the Martyr Carved His Name (Nad Sylvan) Courting The Widow

10. Long Slow Crash Landing (Nad Sylvan) Courting the Widow

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Behind the Scenes

What do you know,
I had to buy a telephone,
for the well-known NewEARS Prog Show
Tonight at 2 PM Eastern Standard Time
on WEMF Radio
See you there!
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