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I’ve written about Fluence app before and how helpful it was in the past. It is an excellent resource to get advice and feedback on your music from experienced professionals in the music industry.

A couple days ago, I stumbled across a very interesting video by Scott Cohen, co-founder of the Orchard, (see below) and when I went on Twitter to follow him, saw his post that he was on Fluence. I submitted:

Scott Cohen - Oh. - Olivia Hadjiioannou - Deserted Eyes

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Cohen for responding so quickly. Having access to a music executive in less than a day is pretty incredible. (Thanks @fluenceapp too)

In the video below, Mr. Cohen has a lot of practical advice on how to market your music in the digital age. He describes the changes in the music industry and goes on to explain how to extend the longevity of your music according to his experience in the industry.

One interesting point was his mention of ‘social currency’ a term taken from the book by Scott Stratten called, “UnMarketing: Everything Has Changed and Nothing is Different. He said you need to make deposits to your audience before asking for anything in return.

What are you doing to help your audience, what are you going to do for them before you ask them to do something for you.

Another very interesting point he made about sharing on social media:

“The one thing about social media is… it is all about me…. my Facebook page is not there in order to sell your shit. Nor is any of your fans. They use your stuff as musicians to express themselves. Your music, your photos, your gigs, people will repost it on their pages because it is an expression of who they are…no one is going to spread it to help you. You as an artist need to understand your audience and say: “Why would they identify with me?”. And what can I give them – that they may want to spread because it helps them show who they are to their friends.”

So, you need to build an audience, before a label or anyone would be interested in you as an artist. He says you must gather a tribe before reaching out. The term ‘tribe’ or what Mr. Cohen refers to as “a community of fans” – is from another book by Seth Godin, “Tribes.”

Essentially, it is your ‘tribe” or 1000 true fans that is the new music ‘market paradigm’ now. Later, he goes on to explain how a label essentially merges these tribes between the artists on their roster.

I really appreciate Mr. Cohen’s advice.

It was really fantastic to hear:

“You have the music. Now focus on the team.”

The part about saying I need to get an agent, manager, label and a good lawyer as a next step…really adds to the honor.

Mr Cohen’s video above really resonated with what I have been doing these last years, which is finding my tribe.

So, now my question is. As there is no half note between E and F, there is also no ‘half step’ between having a small tribe and finding the leader of a “group of tribes” (label owners) or their middleman named “influencers”.

With a lot of research you can find them and if there is enough “noise” – get their attention.

But what if it could be as easy as calling up a friend and asking for a good restaurant in his neighborhood and he says, “Go to Joe’s diner on the corner”?

If anyone knows of a good ‘diner’ (influencer, ‘tribe leader’ etc) in your neighborhood who digs my ‘tribe’, comment below.

And thank you again, Mr. Cohen for your time and ‘food for thought’.

Mr. Cohen’s YouTube video:

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